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Greater Greenbrier COVID-19 Task Force October 27, 2020, Update



The Greater Greenbrier COVID-19 Task Force met this morning via conference call and reports the following information.

1. HEALTH DEPARTMENT. Greenbrier County has 180 confirmed cases, three suspect cases, 17 probable cases, 153 recovered cases, 42 active cases, one hospitalized, and five deaths. Probable cases include antigen rapid testing results, which are becoming more prevalent. These cases are usually symptomatic and always quarantined, but due to this new type of testing they are considered “probable” rather than “confirmed.”

2. FREE TESTING RESULTS. Over the weekend, we conducted free testing at the State Fair of West Virginia fairgrounds. 262 tests were performed and five were positive. Thanks to the community who supported this testing effort.

3. FLU CLINIC. We hope to be able to announce a drive-thru flu vaccine clinic in the very near future as soon as our supplies arrive.

4. BE VIGILANT. The next three months will be vital. Cases are rising and folks are not always following guidelines. Get your flu shot as soon as possible. Wear a mask. Socially distance. Refrain from crowds indoors.

5. GREENBRIER COUNTY SCHOOLS. We made a few tweaks to our reentry plan. One, all schools will go remote on the first and third Wednesdays of the month for the remainder of the semester. Two, because a large number of remote learning students are not doing well academically, we added accountability steps for students and parents. Starting next 9-weeks, we will have a contract for all remote students and parents. If the contract is violated, then students will be required to return to school. One new big change this coming winter is that any “snow days” which occur this year will be “remote learning” days. Additionally, since our last meeting, we experienced two COVID cases. Greenbrier East was closed for a few days for cleaning and contact tracing.

6. GVMC. We currently have two positive COVID patients in house. Visitors are allowed on a limited basis. For details, please visit our website.

7. WVSOM. We continue to conduct surveillance testing of 10% of our campus each week.

8. RCB CLINIC. Our patient volumes continue to increase. We are providing COVID testing, flu shots and regular medical care.

9. RAINELLE MEDICAL. We continue to test for COVID, provide flu vaccines and regular medical care. We are offering a new diabetic & hypertension clinic. Dr. Rhonda Hamm is taking new patients as our psychiatrist. Our behavioral health patient volumes are increasing all the time. We are working to conduct these visits via telehealth.

10. COMMITTEE ON AGING. We are participating in the governor’s summer feeding program still into the fall. These meals (five days worth) can be picked up once a week. We also have vouchers for farmer’s markets available for seniors. If you have questions, you can call the office at 304-392-5138. We continue to provide in-home services, Meals on Wheels, and meals-to-go for our senior citizens. Medical transport continues as well for those we need it. The state is working on a reopening plan for seniors centers like ours, and we are awaiting that guidance.

11. EARLY VOTING. Citizens can vote early at the courthouse in Lewisburg (from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. during the week or 9 a.m.-5 p.m. on Saturday) or at the Rupert Community Center (from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. during the week). Early voting runs until Oct 31. Please wear a mask.

12. EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT. We have zero first responder positive COVID cases this month. We do have sanitizing equipment available for facilities if needed.

13. RESOURCE GUIDE. If you have updates or additions to the resource guide, please email or

14. NEXT MEETING. Next week the task force will meet on Wednesday, November 4, at 11 a.m.

Submitted by Senator Stephen Baldwin, chair of the Task Force.

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