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Monroe County Courthouse News Oct. 5 – 14




Kenneth William Elmore to Christina Faye Adkins.


April D Cannady, Administratrix of the Charles Gary Adams estate;

Jennifer McClung, Administratrix of the Deborah Kay McClung estate;

Alicia Y Coulter, Executrix of the Bobby Ray Coulter estate;

Amy South, Executrix of the Timothy Paul South estate.

Land Transfers

Teaberry Farms LLC to Helen R Cleland, 25.917 acres more or less, Second Creek District;

Patricia Caruso and Eileen Kisiel to Allen C Bouldin, 0.43 acre more or less, Red Sulphur District;

Frances A Hewett to Michael Kennett, 1.03 acres more or less, Red Sulphur District;

Michael Alan Reid and Kelly Lynn Reid to Denny Harrison Brown and Jacqueline Joyce Brown, two parcels, Springfield District;

Marshall L Neel to A & A Land Company LLC, 1.037 acres, Union District;

Andrea Leann Weikle and Margaret Parker to Caitlin D Mann and Michael A Moretz, 1.05 acres more or less, Union District;

Robert E Thims and James E Thims to David L Spasojievich and Carmela Jean Spasojievich, 106.775 acres more or less, Springfield District;

Jack Davis and Janet A Davis to Ashley Mitchell and Michelle Brailly, one tract, Sweet Springs District;

Linda E Schmitt to Richard E Franklin Jr. and Doris E Franklin, 20.71 acres more or less, Springfield District;

Mason H Flint Jr. to Mason H Flint Jr. and Genevieve E Flint, three tracts, Red Sulphur District;

Zachary Mann to Kevin L Galford and Keri L Galford and Katie Galford, two tracts, Springfield District.

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