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Newly Elected Rainelle Officials Ready To Make A Change



Changes are about to be made in the town of Rainelle.

Newly elected Rainelle officials held their first council meeting on Monday, July 12, and they came prepared with ideas to make the small community a better, safer place to live.

One major change discussed is bringing retired Greenbrier County Sheriff Deputy Doris Vandall on board to serve as a town of Rainelle police officer.

During the meeting, Mayor Robin Williams stated that she wants to revive the Rainelle Police Department and that Vandall would be a great addition to the force.

The town hired a new police chief in March, but that did not work out. The officer resigned from his position after only being employed a short time. This left the town with only one patrolman — Randy Sizemore.

Once Vandall joins the force, the town will still need a police chief. The council and mayor are currently in discussions about who may fill that position.

Additionally, several Rainelle residents were in attendance to discuss town issues.

One resident stated that she and a group of citizens have been considering filing a class-action lawsuit against the town regarding a trailer park located on Ohio Avenue.

“Nothing is being done,” she stated. She said that people are in and out at all times of the day, residents fight in the streets, there is ongoing drug activity, and the landlord does nothing to maintain the park.

“These trailers have never been exterminated. I have called the health department. I have called Senator Baldwin. I have called Shelley Moore-Capito and she said it all boils down to the town council,” she continued.

Councilmember Ron Fleshman added that the upkeep of the park is “horrible” and that the town should do something about it. He suggested that the council contact town attorney Mike Anderson to see if they could find a solution. Williams stated that she will start making phone calls to get something done.

In other council business,

— Town employees have been marking streets with white paint to get an estimate on future paving projects;

— Williams stated that the town will soon begin working with the Department of Highways to replace a drainage pipe in front of Dr. Veronneau and Hoblitzell’s office. Once the pipe is replaced, it should put an end to the roadway flooding issue at that location

— Council decided to look into the town’s ordinance to determine if homeowners are responsible for the upkeep of sidewalks in front of their house. Williams stated that she also wants to see if the town could look into receiving more grant money to help fix the town’s sidewalks;

— Council also agreed to look at the town’s ordinance to determine how to enforce lawn mowing regulations for landowners.

The Rainelle Town Council meets on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at Town Hall. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

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