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Keeney Back In Custody After High Speed Chase



Through a social media post, dated Monday, Nov. 2, the Greenbrier County Sheriff’s Department announced that they were searching for two men who had escaped their court-ordered home confinement.

The post stated, “Here we go again, this time we are going to do a double feature on individuals that decided to make unapproved changes to their home confinement conditions. We have politely asked that they stop doing this, but these individuals obviously didn’t care. Both of these individuals now have active warrants for their arrest for the crime of fleeing.”

It was confirmed by the sheriff’s office that the two men in question, Kip Aaron Sears, 32, of McDaniel Drive in Lewisburg and Brandon Gregory Keeney, 33, of Vago Road in Frankford, had removed the GPS tracking devices used to ensure compliance with home confinement.

However, as of Sunday, Nov. 8, Keeney is once again in the custody of law enforcement.

Shortly before 4 p.m. on Nov. 8, deputies were notified that Keeney was located at a home on Salisbury Lane in Frankford. Upon their arrival at the residence, deputies learned that Keeney had left the property in an older-model Chevy pick-up truck. Keeney’s route had allegedly taken him through a field and onto Vago Road.

According to the criminal complaint, deputies searched for the truck on Vago Road, Alum Springs Road and Boones Mountain Road before eventually locating the vehicle on Frog Hollow Road. At this point, the Lewisburg Police Department had also joined in the search, and both deputies and police attempted to stop Keeney’s vehicle.

The complaint states that Keeney attempted to flee by quickly backing the truck into a field. Officers used their patrol cars in an attempt to block Keeney’s vehicle from escaping; however, he charged passed them. In his effort to outmaneuver the officers, Keeney’s vehicle became stuck near a brush pile in the field. At this time, the complaint states that police deployed stop-sticks beneath the truck’s right, rear tire. The officer then drew his weapon and ordered Keeney to exit the truck. Keeney ignored the officer’s order, before getting the vehicle unstuck and allegedly speeding off once more.

According to the criminal complaint, Keeney continued onto Anthony Ridge Road, leading officers on a high-speed chase through Anthony Village. Keeney then allegedly crashed his vehicle through a closed private gate before turning south onto the Greenbrier River Trail. Keeney continued on the Greenbrier River Trail for approximately two miles before being forced to stop by West Virginia State Troopers who had used their patrol car to block a bridge on the trail.

The complaint states that officers then performed a felony stop on the vehicle, and successfully detained both Keeney and a female passenger identified as Julie Ann Oney without further incident. Once Keeney and Oney were in custody, deputies ran the truck’s registration and discovered it belonged to a different vehicle. Deputies then ran the VIN and learned that the truck had been reported stolen from Allegany County, Virginia, on Wednesday, Nov. 4.

In addition to the convictions that resulted in his home confinement, Keeney is facing charges of obstructing an officer, reckless fleeing, conspiracy to commit a felony, destruction of property, transfer of stolen property and three counts of assaulting an officer. Keeney also allegedly damaged a well in the field through which he tried to flee. Brandon Gregory Keeney is currently being held in Southern Regional Jail with no bond.

In a Nov. 8 update to their original social media post, the Greenbrier County Sheriff’s Department wrote, “As always we appreciate all the tips provided!”

Law enforcement is still searching for Kip Aaron Sears. Sears is 5’11” tall, and weighs approximately 185 pounds. His original charges include possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, and three counts of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance. Anyone having information regarding Sears’ whereabouts is asked to contact the Greenbrier County home confinement office at 304-647-1389, the Greenbrier County Sheriff’s Department at 304-647-6634 or the Greenbrier County 911 Center at 304-647-7911. The 911 Center is available 24 hours a day.

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