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Quinwood Man Charged With Domestic Assault



A Quinwood man is in custody once again on charges of domestic assault. Lonnie Daniel Fields, 41, of Quinwood, was arrested on the afternoon of Monday, October 26 for the charges which are related to an incident that occurred back in August.

On Sunday, August 23, the Greenbrier County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to investigate a disturbance at a home on Marfrance Road in Quinwood.

Upon arrival, officers spoke with the alleged female victim of the disturbance. The victim informed officers that the disturbance had been caused by Lonnie Daniel Fields, a former relative of the victim’s through marriage. According to the criminal complaint, Fields arrived at the victim’s residence and began yelling and making threats against the victim. The victim advised Fields that he needed to leave the property, at which point Fields is alleged to have moved closer to the victim while threatening to kill her. The complaint states that the victim then ran inside her home to contact law enforcement. Fields attempted to follow her inside, but was unable to gain entry as the victim had locked the door.

According to the criminal complaint, while officers were speaking with the victim, her mother called her and advised that Fields was now on her property two houses over, and was allegedly beating on her doors and windows. Officers then proceeded to the victim’s mother’s residence where they discovered Fields in the front yard. Fields was immediately placed under arrest for the charge of domestic assault.

After the arrest was made, the complaint further states that the victim advised officers of a previous incident which had occurred on Friday, August 21. Allegedly, Fields came to the victim’s residence, as well as the residence of her mother. According to the criminal complaint, Fields threatened to cut their hearts out while brandishing a knife.

Lonnie Daniel Fields is currently being held, without bail, in Southern Regional Jail on charges of domestic assault.

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