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Frankford's New Ice Cream Shop Serves Families and their Furry Companions



FRANKFORD, W.Va. — There is a new front to an old building in the Frankford community and many of the locals have been anticipating this day since the Gibson family purchased the property to open the Frankford Veterinary Hospital.

Bill Gibson stated that the opening the ice cream shop, Bones and Cones, was a shared goal between him and his daughter, Willa.

They envisioned bringing back a lost destination in the Frankford area, which used to feature an ice cream shop in the late 70s and early 80s, according to Gibson. Now their goal has been accomplished with Willa, a 16-year-old Greenbrier East High School student, managing the business whenever she’s not on the soccer field.

With COVID-19 slowing down Bill’s job, he took the opportunity as a go ahead to get the ice cream shop ready.

“Willa stayed on me; she would come check production everyday to see how much I had gotten done” said Bill Gibson.

Last weekend, the shop served 21 different flavors of Hershey’s hand dipped ice cream, including dairy free and no sugar added varieties.

“When we first ordered we were told this should be good for a two-week period and we sold out everything by mid-day Sunday that first weekend, it’s unbelievable,” Bill Gibson said about opening during a pandemic. “They made it a family outing, it felt good, and it was something close. A lot of people told us how they have elderly parents and how nice it was too be able to get them in the car on Sunday and let’s drive over and get ice cream, something they can do.”

One thing that makes Bones and Cones unique is their offering of cold treats for customer’s furry four-legged campions. The homemade treats for dogs costing less than a dollar has a variety of flavors.

When asked which flavors do the dogs seem to enjoy most Willa said, “It’s probably peanut butter, it’s the favorite.”

Bones and Cones is open Friday through Sunday, 12-8 p.m. The ice cream shop will be open on Labor Day however (Monday September 7), which is expected to draw quite the crowd.

Due to a later opening than expected, they hope to remain open through September this year. Next year plans are already in the works to add additional outdoor seating and a pavilion for customers to have a place to gather. The community has done a great job supporting the Gibson’s and their vision.

“Everyone loves ice cream; it’ll be a good memory,” Willa Gibson said.

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