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Dear Recycle Lady,



Dear Recycle Lady,

Last week you said that white prescription bottles could not be recycled even through they have a recycle symbol on them as they were too small. What about vitamin bottles or aspirin bottles? Are they recyclable? — Healthy

Dear Healthy,

The Recycling Center does not accept these bottles either. Because they can easily jam processing equipment, small bottles that are less than 3 inches in diameter are too small to recycle, regardless of the recycle symbol that may be on the bottom of the bottle.

Dear Recycle Lady,

I just replaced four stove eye drip pans. The pans that I removed are all metal, but they are somewhat rusted. Can they be recycled? What about a metal wheelbarrow? Is it too large to be recycled? — Cook & Gardener

Dear Cook & Gardener,

Yes, your metal stove eye drip pans can be recycled, even though they are rusty. Your old metal wheelbarrow can be recycled, also. The Recycling Center accepts all items made of metal, except for extremely large items like a car. Take your drip pans and wheelbarrow to the Recycle Center and look for the sign on the right-hand side of the building pointing to aluminum can recycling. Push the indicated button for recycling aluminum cans and someone will come to assist you.

Dear Recycle Lady,

Should pizza boxes ever be put in the recycling bin? — Pizza Lover

Dear Pizza Lover

Greasy cardboard should not be put in the recycling bin. You can tear off and trash those areas that are greasy and recycle the rest of the box.

Dear Readers,

Here’s a good idea for storing all those plastic bags from grocery shopping. For an efficient way to store your grocery bags stuff as many as you can into an empty paper towel roll.

Then, toss it into a drawer or cabinet until you need it. The tube keeps the bags contained and it’s easy to pull one out when you need it. When you have more bags than you can possible ever use, be sure to take them to Kroger or Walmart for recycling.

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