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Greenbrier County Courthouse News Aug. 27 – Sept. 2




Joshua Austin Boone to Tori Sierra Martin;

Michael Robert Welch to Ashley Nicole Winnings;

Nya Monroe McCutcheon to Faith Nicole Cox;

David Wellington Johnson to Ashley Brooke Johnson.


Denny Ray Canterbury, Administrator of the Virgil Dale Canterbury estate;

Jeff Brown, Executor of the Jacob Alexander Brown estate;

Nellie F King, Executrix of the Warren Douglas Sampson estate;

Joseph C Fox, Executor of the Jackie Eugene Fox estate;

Leann G Piercy-McMillion and Donna Y Piercy Co-Executrix for the George Edward Piercy estate;

Garry E Burns, Executor of the Paul S Burns estate;

Cecil Ayers, Administrator of the George Walter Ayers Jr. estate;

Jacqueline Loudermilk, Administratrix of the Carl Denver Loudermilk estate;

Jennifer Morgan, Administratrix of the John Paul Beaver estate;

Gregory Wingo, Executor of the Patsy C Wingo estate.

Land Transfers

PCG Inc. to Old Hemlock Holdings LLC, Lot 334 Creekside, White Sulphur District;

Lorene McClung to Kelly P Hatfield and David Keith Hatfield and Adam Keith Hatfield, 5 acres, Meadow Bluff District;

Howard James Rowe III and Patricia J Rowe to Property Brothers LLC, Lots 149 & 150, Alderson Corp District;

Dustin H Gadmski to Joseph K Terry and Sareh F Terry, Lot 5, Ronceverte Corp District;

Blacjbird Village LLC to Richard Andrew Kelso and Rebecca Kathleen Kelso, Unit Number 154 of Blackbird Village, Lewisburg Corp District;

David C Hegger and Deborah Hegger to Zhendong Lun and Yimei Lun, Unit Number 131 of Blackbird Village, Lewisburg Corp District;

David Gibson and Suzanne Gibson to Russell Abbott Legal Owner Via Non-Trust Custodial IRA, 22,208 square feet, Lewisburg Corp District;

Raging Creek Farm Trust by Surviving Trustee to Philippa Radon and Peter Radon, 4 Tracts, Williamsburg District;

Clarie Davis to Clarie Davis and Lisa Ellen Davis, 3 Properties, Falling Spring District;

Beatrice A Burns to Matthew L Burns and Samantha L Burns, 2.676 acres, Blue Sulphur District;

Charles Thomas Price to Marlene Price and Caitlynne Price, 7.89 acres, Falling Spring District;

Peggy Ann Patterson to Jill Patterson -time, Lot 20 Leroy C Tuck Subdivison, FOrt Spring District;

Halcyon Properties II LLC to 300 IKE Trust, Lot/Unit 130, White Sulphur District;

Harold E Jackson to Gail N Fitzgerald, 2 Tracts, White Sulphur Corp District;

Roger D Ball to Kayley Nicole Robbins, Lot 7, 8 and 22, Block 11, Rainelle Corp District;

Steven C Coy and Lee E Coy to Allan Rabune and Catherine G Rabune, Lot Number 34 and 35, Alderson Corp District;

John Schriefer a 2020 irrevocable trust to Emily Chittenden-Laird and William Laird, 31,235 square feet, Lewisburg District;

Kevin Alley and Shawn A Alley and Shirlene M Alley to Brittani M Stanley, 1 acre, Meadow Bluff District;

George Poszich and Andrew Poszich to Michael Zimmerman and Robert Anderson, 16.054 acres, Frankford District;

Bridgett M Krystnak ing to James A King and Bridgett M King, 3.19 acres more or less, Fort Springs District;

Chelsea J Rhodes to Chelsea J Rhodes and Toby Lane Klinger, 2 Parcels, Meadow Bluff District;

Patrick W Williams to Talman, Wayne Hylton and Tyler James Hylton, 3.6 acres, Irish Corner District.

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