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Mountaineer Guns Provides A Sense Of Community



Whether it be politics, philosophy, or sports, just about any topic you can imagine gets discussed within the walls of your local gun shop. Certainly, Mountaineer Guns in White Sulphur Springs is no exception to this.

Often, by the time their doors are unlocked and the open sign is lit, local customers are already waiting to come in.

It’s not uncommon for the staff to be on a first-name basis with many of the patrons who visit the shop during the day. A customer may be looking to purchase a rifle, a fishing license, or just wanting to make small talk about the weather. In this way, it’s analogous to the proverbial barbershop scenario where folks would come in for a visit — even if they had no intention of getting a haircut that day.

The range of daily patrons is quite diverse.

“I’ve done work from making new firearms and cerakoting, to trigger repair for people from all walks of life,” says Jeremiah Burdette, resident gunsmith at the shop. Mountaineer Guns has been in the Collins for more than twenty years. During that time, the shop has grown into a hub for the community.

And business is good. Along with the loyal patrons, the shop is seeing more and more first-time customers.

So the next time you’re in White Sulphur Springs, why not pay Mountaineer Guns a visit. You may find yourself heading to the target range with a new pistol. And you also might meet some interesting friends to talk to.

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