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‘The Greenbrier Ghost’ Soars Back To Life



By Bobby Bordelon

Those looking for a local interpretation of a local legend that has recently grown in national popularity, Greenbier Valley Theatre’s (GVT) The Greenbrier Ghost stacks up.

Based on a true, 1897 murder case in Greenbrier County, The Greenbrier Ghost portrays the life and death of Zona Heaster-Shue (Lara Treacy) and the attempts of Mary Jane Heaster (Desirée Baxter), her mother, to bring her killer to justice after Zona’s spirit visits her. The play features the Greenbrier County community and was directed by Courtney Susman, written by Cathey Sawyer, music composed by Joe Buttram, and arranged by Jeremy Finn-Smith.

Read more in the Friday, November 8, 2019, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.

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