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Greenbrier County Hires Additional Dispatchers; Deputies



The Greenbrier County Sheriff’s Department has hired two additional employees. On Tuesday, October 27, the Greenbrier County Commission voted unanimously to approve the hiring of Tyler Hyatt and Seth Havens.

Havens is currently employed with the White Sulphur Springs Police Department. Both will serve the county as deputies once they have completed their respective training programs. Hyatt will be required to attend the police academy. While Havens has already been through the academy, he will still need to complete the sheriff’s department field training officer program. With the approved hiring of Hyatt and Haven, the department has now reached its budgeted staffing level.

“For the first time in some time,” President of the County Commission Lowell Rose said.

To which Greenbrier County Sheriff Bruce Sloan replied, “About three and a half years.”

This brings the total to five new deputies who have been added to the Sheriff’s Department within the past few months. Of the five, all but Havens must attend the Academy.

“I’m really glad we’re finding enough candidates to get us fully staffed,” Rose said. “It takes the load off.”

“They’re all good candidates,” Sloan concluded. “The people we’ve hired are quality candidates.”

Also approved at the October 27 meeting of the county commissioners was the hiring of two dispatchers at the county 911 Center. These were vacant positions that were already funded within the budget. Therefore, no additional spending or budget increase was necessary in order to facilitate the hirings. The open positions had been advertised for 30 days, yielding approximately 35 applicants.

In a unanimous vote, the county commission authorized the hiring of Jessica Surgeon of Caldwell and Donna Jones of Lewisburg to fill the vacant positions.

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