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Magistrate Report (10/30)



Greenbrier County Magistrates recorded the following convictions in the Magistrate Court Clerk’s Office provided to this newspaper for publication.

The court costs are not included. Greenbrier County Magistrates are Kimberly Johnson, Tim Stover and Kirby Hanson.

The sentences and convictions listed here are subject to appeal and possible reversal.

Garnie W. Angle Jr., Leslie, WV, no-contest plea, accident involving damage to vehicle, fine $0, jail 10 days suspended, 9 months unsupervised probation, 90 days – day report center; Emmarie K. Bryant, Rainelle, WV, speeding, fine $18; Robert M. LeMaster, Rainelle, WV, no-contest plea, possession of a controlled substance, fine $100, possession of a controlled substance, fine $100.

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