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Greenbrier County Courthouse News




  Stephen Jordan Ross and Sharon Renae Barnett

  Irvin Hunter Tweedy Jr. and Brandy Lynne Earhart

  Walter Randolph Goff and Dorothy Oliver Spradlin

  Stephen Daniel and Anisha Choubey

  Ronald James Bailey and Maxine Marie King

Land Transfers

Patricia E. Yingling Living Trust by Trustees to Thomas Stover and Wendy Stover, Unit 136, Blackbird Village, Lewisburg District, Map 16C, Parcel 2;

Benjamin Plybon to David Penberthy and Kim Penberthy, 5.63 acres more or less, Fort Spring District, Map 13, Parcel 42;

Betty Lou Hartsook Estate by Administrators and Heirs to Joyce Martin, Lots 4 & 5, Levelton Land Addition, Rainelle District, Map 1, Parcel 74, 75;

Betty Lou Hartsook Estate by Administrators and Heirs to Frances Lesher, Lot 10, Levelton Land Addition, Rainelle District, Map 1, Parcel 82;

Lodema Ingram Family Irrevocable Trust Robert Ingram Trustee to Earl S. Tuckwiller and Pamela Tuckwiller, 3 Tracts, Blue Sulphur District, Map 17, Parcel 0011;

Jeffrey W. Lushbaugh to Evan Mark Shafer and Mikayla Margaret Dunford-Shafer, Section 3, Rolling Hills, Lewisburg District, Map 5, Parcel 0122;

Herbert Loudermilk and Evelene Loudermilk to Renee Rehmer and Christian J. Bradley, Lot 2, Big Lipps, Lewisburg District, Map 24N, Parcel 0003;

Jessica Hall to Daniel Ross Honaker, Lot 2 and 7 Sullivan Subdivision, Fort Spring District, Map 9D, Parcel 0020;

Holly Noelle Morris and Alan Shipley to Melvin Ray Cales, 10.51 acres and 0.8732 acres more or less, White Sulphur District, Map 27, Parcel 41;

Mikeel Rich to Mikeel Don Rich and Connie S. Hilton and Catherine Rose Rich, 1.16 acres more or less and 3.20 acres more or less, White Sulphur District, Map 31, Parcel 10;

Stephanie C. Oliver to Stanley David Cook, 2.108 acres, Frankford District, Map 21, Parcel 04;

Nancy Jean Wells to Laurie L. Bourdeau, 3.5 acres, 0.37 acres, Lewisburg District, Map 25, Parcel 104 and 105;

Rita F. Wilson and Joe B. Wilson Family Irrevocable Family Trust Mary Jo Cook Trustee to Amanda Beth Rhodes, 15.53 acres more or less, Williamsburg District, Map 59, Parcel 000900056;

Bruce P. Novak and Cleo M. Novak to Cristopher Eugene Viers and Amy Sue Viers, 17.35 acres, Meadow Bluff District, Map 63, Parcel 0061;

John Herbert Lewis Jr. AKA Bert Lewis and Sarina Everett Lewis to Rachel Rattenbop, 14.40 acres Meadow Bluff District, Map 69, Parcel 21;

Blackbird Village LLC to Trever Grey Jack, Unit 111, Blackbird Village, Lewisburg District, Map 21A, Parcel 0050;

Linda Crist to Carolyn Sue Henson, Lot 4, Quinwood District, Map 3, Parcel 0211;

Alison J. Stevenson to Timothy Gene Dalton and Brenda June Dalton, 9,000 Sq. Ft, 5th Street, Rupert District, Map 5, Parcel 609;

Lucie T. Refsland to The News Building LLC., 1/4 acre more or less, Lewisburg District, Map 19, Parcel 135 and 136;

Ferrell Excavating Co. Inc. to William Christopher Taylor and Gina Ann Taylor, 271.035 acres more or less, Irish Corner District, Map 3, Parcel 1;

Lilly Cline AKA Cline Lily to Michael Holmes and Deborah Holmes, Lot 15, Willow Bend Subdivision, Frankford District, Map 22, Parcel 0168;

United States Department of Agriculture to Jimmy Ray Wheeler, 0.81 acres, Anthony Creek District, Map 35E, Parcel 6;

Laura Caldwell and Robert B. Caldwell to Sky Investments LLC., 1.335 acres, Meadow Bluff District, Map 62, Parcel 00100012;

David Ornelas to Teresa Ann Cales, 9,479.3 Sq. Ft., Alderson District, Map 6, Parcel 46;

CR 2018 LLC. to James M. Hume and Pamela R. Hume, Lots 28 & 29, High School Addition, Rupert District, Map 2, Parcel 80;

Isaac J. Houchins and Doralea Houchins to Elvis Hitt and Debra Hitt, 1.438 acres more or less and R-Way, Blue Sulphur District, Map 7, Parcel 19.1;

Julia H. McMurray to Erroll L. Reese and Patricia S. Reese, 2.00 acres more or less, Lewisburg District, Map 24, Parcel 111;

Janet Marie Bennett to Bennet Trust 1, 0.44 acres, Irish Corner District, Map 6, Parcel 0028;

Jean Eva Agee and Henry L. Agee to Rodney Lee Agee, 22.5 acres more or less, Frankford District, Map 71/7, Parcel 74/4A;

Katherine Edwards Vigneron to Patrick Cain Nichols, 8 acres 110 poles and 120 acres more or less, Blue Sulphur District, Map 27, Parcel 11, 12;

Michael S. Kluska and Melissa Kluska to Charles Michael Skeens and Karen Skeens, Waiver of Repurchase Option, Lot/Unit #4 of the Snead Golf Course, White Sulphur District.

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