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Moore Visits Greenbrier County, Looks To Bring New Ideas To State Treasurer's Office



Riley Moore via Facebook

West Virginia State Treasurer candidate Riley Moore recently made several stops to Greenbrier County in his bid for state office and ending current state Treasurer John Perdue’s 20-plus years in the office.

“I’ve had several stops in the county recently, reconnecting with Greenbrier County residents. This is a really important county for me in this election,” Moore said.

Moore’s plan for the state treasurer’s office, should he win, is to offer a Jump Start Savings Plan. In the same vein as the Smart 529 College plan, this program would be for students in trade schools, allowing them to save money for items that allow them to start their own businesses like equipment and all the necessary licenses.

Moore said he knows that many people in today’s workforce do not work in a field in which they have a college degree and that it’s important to bolster those going through trade school programs so they can have a head start once they’ve completed their education. Moore himself said he started his career path as a welder.

This program could also be a big help with labor unions and an all around “win-win” for West Virginia, Moore said.

There are three big things that Moore mentioned he would focus on as West Virginia’s Treasurer: “modernization, accountability and transparency.”

Accountability in the form a of a full audit of the treasurer’s office in order to return as much money back to taxpayers, according to Moore’s website. Transparency in the form of detailed reports on West Virginia’s investments — what’s working and what’s not — so taxpayers know if the treasurer is spending and investing wisely. And lastly, modernization in the form of Moore’s Jump Start Savings Plan.

Moore started as a welder while put himself through school to earn a degree in government international politics; from there he was a contractor for the Department of Homeland Security, going on to serve as a national security advisor on the House Foreign Affairs Committee in the United States House of Representatives.

In 2016, Moore served in the West Virginia House of Delegates to represent the 67th District for Harpers Ferry/Shepherdstown.

Now Moore seeks to bring new ideas and a fresh approach to the state treasurer’s office.

“What we want is someone who reflects West Virginians and their values,” Moore said. “Fiscally conservative.”

Moore states that he supports US President Donald Trump, and that he wants to reduce the size of the treasurer’s office as he feel the office has grown too large under the operation of his opponent, Perdue.

“The office has taken a ‘do less with more approach’ and I want to reverse that,” Moore said.

Moore also assured voters that he will not overstay his welcome in the treasurer’s role, unlike Perdue who is seeking his seventh term.

“I support term limits,” Moore said. “If I win, I will run for reelection one time and thats it. Two terms, no more, that’s a promise to your readers.”

Meanwhile, Moore continues to make stops around the state and continues to meet with voters in the Greenbrier County.

“The Greenbrier Valley is one of the state’s top beautiful locations, everyone who lives here is very fortunate,” Moore said.

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