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FEMA Exhausts LWA Funding



Just two days after announcing unemployed West Virginians would begin receiving the additional $400 in weekly benefits made available through the Lost Wages Assistance Program the week of September 14, Scott Adkins, Director of Workforce West Virginia said that FEMA’s supply of federal funding has run out.

During the Governor’s coronavirus media-briefing on Friday, September 11, Adkins stated that: “FEMA notified West Virginia that the funding for LWA is exhausted, and concluded with the week ending on September 5.”

This only applies to the Federal Government’s contribution of $300 per week. The additional $100 per week being provided by the state will continue for the immediate future. Those eligible for the full LWA benefit will receive a one-time payment this week for $2,400, minus taxes or other applicable withholdings. This will cover the period from August 1 through September 5.

Those currently receiving benefits through Workforce, but who are not eligible for the full LWA benefit, will still receive the $100 in extra funding from the state. Their initial payment will be for $600, and will come in the form of a mailed paper-check.

Any questions regarding unemployment or LWA benefits should be submitted through the Workforce West Virginia website, or by calling 1-800-252-JOBS.

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