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Pocahontas County Land Transfers Aug. 22 – Sept. 21



John C Lee to Steven Sherman and Casey Sherman Unit Number 350, Edray District;

ALO Investment & Risk Management LLC to Anthony L Passmore, Unit Number 424, Edray District;

J T Thompson III to Mary Catherine Thompson Ortolani, Unit Number 169, Edray District;

Jay T Thompson III to Kate Thompson Ledoux, Unit Number 155, Edray District;

Ozie N West Jr. to Kimberly A Deppen and Matthew J Deppen, 4 acres, Green Bank District;

Gary Cochran Life Estate to Alicia Bell and Jared Cochran, 1 acre, Little Levels District;

Jane Ellis to Patrick J Collins, Tract on 30,260 square feet, Tract two 0.23 acre, Green Bank District;

Pocono Dream Homes LLC to Bed Inv LLC, Unit Number 304, Edray District;

David Burner Executor and the Lloyd E Kisner Jr. estate to NEFF/Olive LLC, 130 acres, Green Bank District;

Deborah Carpenter to Harley Squires, Tract one 4.45 acres, Tract two 0.98 acres, Little Levels District;

Doris Hiner-Mitchell to Woodford Oil Company, First Parcel ½ lot 17, all of lot 18, ½ lot 19 block 7, Second Parcel Lot, Marlinton District;

Gilbert Willis and Mary Willis to Augustus M Willis, Lot B or 2 acres, Edray District;

James R Calhoun to April Weiss and Summer Weiss and Matthew Wing, Lots 30 & 31 Block 4, Marlinton District;

James Lasher to Andrew Ligay and Allison Ligay, Unit Number 142, Edray District;

Chittum Land Development LTD to Derek O’Neal and Brigit O’Neal, Lot 17 or 2.09 acres, Edray District;

Chittum Land Development Company LTD to Lin E Baker, Lot 9 or 1.8 acres, Edray District;

Catherine J Bailey Trustee of Catherine J Bailey Trust and John E Bailey Jr. Trustee of the John E Bailey Jr. Trust to Kevin A Lewis and Sandra R Lewis, Lot 5, Little Levels District;

Roxanna L Williams and Tammy L Kersey and Jane A Hyler to James Eugene Halsteado Jr., ½ acre, Little Levels District;

James Eugene Halstead Jr. to Jeremy Taylor, ½ acres, Little Levels District;

SRM Partners LLC to Mark A Cruse, Unit Number 269, Edray District;

David J Cain to Crystal G Dean, Lots 78, 79, 80 and ½ lot 81 Block 15, Marlinton District;

Kamyar Ilkhanipour to Casandra New hard and Brady New hard, Lot 6, Edray District;

Elaine S Gilbert Trust to Snowshoe Holdings LLC, Unit Number 5403, Green Bank District;

Alpine Brook LLC to DP Ventures Inc, Parcel I 5.03 acres, Parcel II 0.32 acres, Parcel III 1.56 acres, Parcel IV 0.93 acres;

Roger L Ober and Kimberly Ober to Roger Ober and Kimberly Ober, 3.82 acres, Huntersville District;

DP Ventures Inc to Forever Wild LLC, Lot 12, Edray District;

R & L Snowshoe Investments LLC to Jerry Gould Jr, Lot 61, Edray District.

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