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Big Draft Brewing Opens In White Sulphur Springs



Big Draft Brewing has officially joined the Greenbrier Valley restaurant and brewery scene!

Situated on Main Street in White Sulphur Springs, the building now contains three distinct businesses — the music and event venue Cross Creek on Main, the coffee and ice cream cafe The Local, and the full brewery and restaurant Big Draft Brewing. With the opening of the second two over the past week, the building now offers a gathering place for all types of people.

“The official opening was Saturday [July 17] — it was awesome,” explained owner Clay Elkins. “The community is hugely supportive. They came out in droves. The team did well. We weren’t 100% sure we were going to open that day — we had a little, private event and then after it was done, we just said let’s go for it. We texted a few friends and put it out on social media. It was really good.”

The soft launch did hit a snag, but one completely out of its control.

“We partied hard on Saturday until the friggen power went out,” Elkins said. “A transformer blew and it was out until [from 8:30 p.m. to] midnight or one. It really put a damper on the thing.”

Just outside the building, there is a sprawling yard, outdoor stage, cornhole, fire pits, and ample tables to use, either before or after a meal. Elkins explained that the intention for the entire building and all three businesses was to create a truly social small town place to gather.

“We want the brewery to be your neighborhood community brewery where you can come and hang out,” Elkins said. “That’s why we’ve got the games out there, the firepits. … Bring the kids, bring the dogs, and stay all day. We’ve got nonalcoholic [drinks], beers, liquors, and wine. We want it to be the spot where you can see the guy off the Harley belly up to the cop, who’s bellied up to the side of the fireman or lawyer or whoever.”

A mural, matching the one inside Cross Creek on Main, is coming to the outside patio and sitting area of Big Draft Brewing.

The Dry Creek Society is also part of Big Draft Brewing – coming with a one-time $1,000 price tag, the benefits program makes an interesting offer.

“We will buy you a beer every day for life,” Elkins said. “Every day that you stop in to say hello, your first beer is on us. Additionally, you receive a 10% discount on all purchases — beer, food, and swag — made at Big Draft Brewing. You will receive VIP access to all tap release parties. And, finally, you will receive a Big Draft Brewing Beer League t-shirt which we hope you’ll wear with pride.”

Joslyn & The Sweet Compression performs on Saturday, July 24.

Capping off the first week of business was a full event — Joslyn & The Sweet Compression packed Cross Creek on Main, spilling over into Big Draft. The powerful and fun band delivered on their “original funk and soul” sound as the lights turned blue, red, and purple.

“Well, friends, our first week is in the books,” posted the brewery on Facebook. “We want, foremost, to express our sincere appreciation to all of our patrons—foodies, craft beer fans and music lovers alike. We couldn’t be more proud to serve this community. We vow to get better and better. Thanks for all the love.”

This writer certainly recommends the food after going a handful of times over the past week, always enjoying the different entrees and appetizers, ranging from a hot sauced and crispy chicken sandwich to a pretzel with a bacon jelly, and mashed potatoes with an ample drop of beef and gravy on top.

Just one available appetizer, a sharable beef and mashed potatoes.

Big Draft, alongside a number of new Main Street businesses and the Schoolhouse Hotel project, is part of a huge revitalization for White Sulphur Springs in the past few years.

“For years White Sulphur was only a destination because of The Greenbrier,” Elkins said. “We want to change that and make White Sulphur its own destination. We want to partner with Lewisburg. I envision us and Lewisburg as Thomas and Davis, where we coexist really well and we send people back and forth. White Sulphur is trying to rebrand itself as an outdoor destination, which is what we’re going for.”

Elkins thanked the community and his team in all three businesses.

“We could not do this without everybody else,” Elkins said. “We really appreciate the communities’ support. It’s been awesome seeing the way the team has come together to do things. … I think it’s getting there, exactly where we want it.”

Author’s note – this article was not sponsored and no food or services were provided for free for coverage.

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