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Greenbrier County Courthouse News July 16 – 22




Michael L Helbling Jr. to Brigid Mary Gallagher;

Douglas Wayne Basham to Olivia Gayle Boone;

Hunter Lee Holliday to Savannah Kaitlyn Mines;

Joshua Heath Coulter to Amanda Gayle Sharp.


Michelle L Armstrong, Executrix of the Thomas W Armstrong estate;

Dana Davis, Executor of the Alvin Lee Hylton estate;

William D Keech, Executor of the Donald Wayne Keech estate;

Lu-Ann Bevins, Administratrix of the Charles Williams Bevins estate;

Gay H Sebert and Lynda H Ambler, Co-Executrixs of the James Russell Hayes estate;

Kate V Wood, Administratrix of the Philip Hillard Wood estate;

Stephanie L Davis, Administratrix of the Ramona Love Lampell estate;

Gregory Suttle, Administrator of the Joshua Adam Suttle estate;

Joseph Ervin, Administrator of the Cynthia Kay Ervin estate;

Verbena Walkup, Administratrix of the Elizabeth Imogene Ailstock estate;

Cathy B Johnson, Executrix of the Kevin D Johnson estate;

Dorothy Loudermilk, Executrix of the Edgar Lee Persinger estate;

Virginia Boone, Executrix of the Jack Miller Boone estate;

Christine Violet Fortune, Executrix of the Robert Lee Fortune estate;

V. Aleya Wooling, Executrix of the Trudy Gertrude Fetterolf Laurenson estate;

Sue A Gibson, Executrix of the Larry Okey Gibson estate;

Betty M Livesay, Executrix of the Anthony E Livesay estate;

Carmella Goddard, Executrix of the Frances Brammer Callison estate;

Mary Brown, Executrix of the James Edward Hamrick estate.

Land Transfers

Barbara Enox to Russell Abbott, Lot Number 16 block 3 of Blue Grass Realty Company’s Sub 2 of Tallassee Place, Fort Springs District;

Susan D Loudermilk to Zachary Payne, 7 acres more or less, Meadow Bluff District;

David Brent Smith and Beverly Yvonne Smith to Debbie Echols, Lot 7A Pinnacle Subdivision, Lewisburg District;

Kipp Anthony Wimmer Jr. to Ralph Chamberlain and Margaret Chamberlain, .91 of an acre, Alderson Corp District;

Vivki F Lonie and Clayton C Lonie and Robert Ford Jr. to Seed Sower Inc., 2 Tracts, Meadow Bluff District;

David Godby by Power of Attorney Jennifer Godby and Jennifer Godby to Matthew Henry Gaug and Denise Camera-Gaug, 2 Parcels Trout Run Subdivision, Blue Sulphur District;

McKeever Living Trust by Trustee to James Curtis Hill and Mary Grace Hill, 2 Parcels, Frankford District;

James D Loudermilk and Donna K Loudermilk to Jameson G Lilly, 4.15 acres with excepted and reserved, Meadow Bluff District;

Thelma M Hoover to Scott Howard Sharp, Lot Number 6 of Sherwood Hills, White Sulphur Springs District;

Gail Ball with an irrevocable living trust to Gerlene Sims and Jerry Brandon Daley, Lot 9,952 square feet more or less, Alderson Corp District;

Benjamin Campbell and Becky A Campbell to Trevor H Smith and Shir Smith, Lot 28 Dogwood Heights, Lewisburg Corp District;

Robert E Bittinger and Sarah K Gillespie Bittinger to Benjamin E Campbell and Becky A Campbell, Lot 10 Oak Branch Subdivision, Lewisburg District;

Joseph Lemar Norris by Attorney in Fact and Sylina J Norris to Buford Brown, 2.179 acres, Lewisburg District;

Judson W Honaker to Jerald E Honaker and Letha Honaker, 5.728 acres, Irish Corner District;

Elmer H Long to Daniel Lee Long, ½ Interest in 15.015 acres, Irish Corner District;

Three Oaks Property LLC to Robert M Strickland Jr. and Jo A Strickland, Lot B, Lewisburg Corp District;

Allen E Thomas to Delmas Fredrick Roy, 3.80 acres more or less, Blue Sulphur District;

John D Labelle and Penni Labelle to Richard H Puckett and Mary L Puckett, Lot Number 120 The Ridges, White Sulphur District;

Dollie M Gabbert to Sean B Leeds and Michelle Myers, 2.68 acres more or less, Lewisburg District;

Thomas A Lizotte to Thomas A Lizotte and Heather Dawn Lizotte, 0.42 acres more or less, Meadow Bluff District;

Harold Ross Blake and Larry P Blake to Wind-Leaf Trust, 65 acres more or less, Falling Springs District;

Joseph F Bee Jr. and Margaret L Bee to Cherry Clay and Chad Blankenship, 1.359 acres more or less, Frankford District;

Lori Venable Clark to Christopher Schuler and David Tate and John O’Dell, Lot 1, Anthony Creek District;

Elizabeth Ann Childers Allen and John Thomas O’Brien to Elizabeth Ann Childers Allen and John Thomas O’Brien, 6 ¾ acres more or less, Fort Springs District;

Glenna M Carpenter to Jennifer Haffman and Brook S Carpenter and Bryer Tanner Carpenter, 1.00 acre more or less, Fort Springs District;

Mary Susan Wylie to Anthony Tyler Wylie, 104,000 square feet, Williamsburg District.

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