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The Shoe Box Opens in Lewisburg



Lewisburg welcomed a new business in September called The Shoe Box. This small, locally-owned business provides quality shoes and accessories for the entire family.

Owner Amanda Workman spoke about her shop, what they offer, and what it has been like opening during a pandemic.

When asked what made her decide to open this specific type of store, Workman told about her own experiences trying to find good quality shoes locally for her entire family. Without the presence of a shoe store like hers, many people take to the Internet for their shoe needs.

While this occasionally works out, most times there are issues of fit as well as comfort. At The Shoe Box, customers have the option of walking in, browsing available items and trying on the ones they like. This way, they never have to worry about whether or not the shoe they love and the size they chose are going to fit. If they prefer, customers also have the option of browsing what is available online at or on their Facebook page.

When talking about goals and what she wanted people to know about The Shoe Box, the response was incredibly emphatic. The goal of this store is to meet the needs of the customers and make sure they are getting the best possible products and services, Workman said.

The one thing that Workman wants everyone to know before arriving at the store is “there is something for everyone.”

Not only will customers find comfortable and fashionable shoes for every member of the family, but they will also find all manner of accessories. This includes items such as belts, wallets, shoe horns and much more. Customer service is of the utmost importance in this store, which means you can always expect an excellent experience, Workman said.

According to Workman, the community has been incredibly welcoming to The Shoe Box. The community has been receptive and responsive. During this unprecedented time, people need to have things to look forward to and become excited about. A new business is always exciting and The Shoe Box certainly fits the bill.

Workman recounted that people have told her that she is brave for opening a new store during a pandemic, but she feels that this is what she was called to do and that it was the perfect time to dive into this venture.

Customers can rest assured that the store is following all pandemic guidelines while ensuring that their customer service remains top-notch.

Workman also gave advice for anyone else interested in opening their own business, “the main thing is to persevere and just go for it.” There is no time like the present, if you feel called to do something and it is important to you, do it, Workman said.

The Shoe Box is located at 847 Court Street North, Lewisburg WV 24901

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