Zinebrier Issue Two Submission Deadline Is Friday

The submission deadline for issue two of Zinebrier is Friday!

The local arts zine was created by Hannah Pence and Claire Jarvis, looking to showcase work by local artists. After putting out a call for local art for the Greenbrier Valley community, Pence and Jarvis put out the first issue in July, with the loose themes of spring and the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions.

Now submissions for the second issue are open until Friday, Oct. 1. Though there is a theme, Pence asked anyone with local art just lying around to sent it in!

“We don’t want to put people into a theme if we have to, It’s fall so we are encouraging fall themes, fall colors, making it spooky-town if you need inspiration, but also if you have art lying around that has nothing to do with any of that, send that too!”

The goal is not to present clean art, made by highly proficient and technically perfect artists. Instead, the zine is looking to capture the grittiness of works in the process of becoming. The more casual style is built for doodles, poem fragments, photos, coloring book pages, and incomplete digital art. As a result, the many artists that contributed got to show off completed work and a peek behind the creation process.

Issues of the first Zinebrier disappeared from The Wild Bean and Washington Street Pub quickly. Approximately 100 issues were printed with donations and some out-of-pocket cash, with some set aside for contributors. This time, Pence hopes to double the number of prints.

“Give us money!” Pence said with a laugh. “Last time, we wanted to print more but we didn’t have the upfront money to do it. It’s a good thing we didn’t because I’m not sure if we would have gotten enough to cover everything. This time, we’ve applied for a West Virginia communities art grant, hoping we can do 200 copies, instead of just 100. If we don’t get it, there will be far less copies, but if we do get it, we’re hoping for 200. Also, if we get the grant, I’m trying to put in some temporary tattoos, one for each book.”

To submit art, learn how to donate to the next Zinebrier issue, or get a digital copy of the first issue, reach out to Pence and Jarvis at maryhannah.pence@gmail.com or heyheyckj@gmail.com. Physical donation jars will be available where issues of Zinebrier are stocked, such as the Washington Street Pub or Wild Bean.

The duo also are looking to expand into other types of art showcases, but aren’t ready to announce official plans yet. Keep a lookout for

“We’ve got more plans for Zinebrier ahead!” Pence said. “We’ve got a lot of other ideas in the works that are not just the paper zine to showcase the artists.”


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