White Sulphur Council Plans Smaller ARPA Projects

The White Sulphur Springs City Council considered American Rescue Plan funds during the Monday, January 10, meeting.

After the American Rescue Plan was passed in June 2021, some of the funds were marked to go to local governments. Greenbrier County was expected to receive $6,732,687. White Sulphur Springs was granted $980,000.

As a result, funds are available for city level projects. Although not a comprehensive list for all of the awarded funds, City Recorder Kathy Glover explained what the council was considering on Monday evening:

– “We have some proposed expenditures, [such as] to look into the possibility of a pneumatic tube installed for payment to where people are able to pay their bills without getting out [of their vehicle.”

– “There is also] the possibility of purchasing property behind city hall to make a parking lot.”

– “We have looked into signage, doing some advertising on the Interstate 64 East, using the same ad that will come out in the CVB’s magazine that comes out in February.”

– “The electronic sign out front [of City Hall]. We’ve actually [been] working with a couple of companies to get information on replacing the sign out front so that it can be used to provide information to the citizens about things going on or emergency things that they might need to be aware of.”

The council voted to approve the projects.

In other business:

– Mayor Bruce Bowling told Maintenance Supervisor David Lovelace “great job with your guys getting that snow removed last week, those guys did a great job” to a round of applause from the room.

– Ed Robinson, the city’s contact with E.L. Robinson, the engineers on multiple waterline expansion projects related to the TIF District, noted that “Church Street has been finished. Big Draft has been finished. They will be back in the spring to clean up. They just completed their work right around Christmas. It was not a good time [to do the clean up work].” City Clerk Linda Coleman noted residents are signed up, but was unsure if anyone had been hooked onto the new water lines yet.

– The White Sulphur Springs Volunteer Fire Department released their December 2021 monthly activity report. There were a total of 29 calls, including five motor vehicle accidents with no injury, five motor vehicle accidents with injury, four traffic hazards, one “tree on house,” one electrical fire, one structure fire, two brush fires, one vehicle fire, one flue fire, one gas leak, amid other calls.

– The White Sulphur Springs Police Department released their December 2021 monthly activity report. There were a total of 66 calls for service, including 11 written citations, 14 total charges, one drug charge, six written warnings, six total arrests, two traffic crashes, two funeral details, one domestic call, and seven building checks.

White Sulphur Springs City Council is typically held the second Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in City Hall.


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