Update From the 85th Legislature (3/30/21)

This past week brought to me both heartache and happiness. I say “heartache” because, despite the fact the majority of GOP Bills are good solid conservative bills, occasionally a few less than conservative bills slip out of one committee or another and find their way onto the house floor for a full vote. There were at least two of these bills last week.

Committee Substitute for Senate Bill 9: Continuing Licensed Racetrack Modernization Fund. Regardless of how you believe about gambling in West Virginia, most of my constituents believe that the state should not be in the racetrack or casino business. I agree with the majority of those who elected me that this should be left to the private sector. Although I voted “no” on this bill, it nevertheless passed in the house of delegates.

Senate Bill 10: Modifying racetrack table game licensing due date. Another seemingly harmless bill many will agree sets the conditions for increased revenue for the state while others argue that state government should not be involved in gambling operations at all. Some may be displeased that I voted “no” on this bill while many more will thank me despite the fact that it also passed.

Now for the bills that I am proud to say brought me happiness:

Committee Substitute for House Bill 2195: If passed into law this bill will require all investigative officers to provide all parties involved in a vehicle accident with the insurance policy information of all other parties involved within 48 hours whether the accident report is completed or not. This bill will facilitate the insurance transactions for all involved. I voted “yes” on this bill.

Committee Substitute for House Bill 2368: “Mylissa Smith’s Law.” Named after a COVID victim who died alone because unconstitutional executive orders and terrible hospital policy forbid her family to visit her and be with her as she slowly succumbed to the virus. If passed into law, all health care or elderly care facilities in W.Va. shall provide for family visitation to critically ill patients. A much-needed bill brought about by a year of unconstitutional COVID-related mandates. Proud to have voted “yes” on this bill.

Committee Substitute for House Bill 2933: the Anti-Discrimination against Israel Bill. This comes at a time when an increasing number of governments and entities continue to call for the destruction of our only true ally in the Middle East and “God’s chosen people.” If passed into law this bill will ensure that the state will not do business with or invest in any business or entity that boycotts the Nation-State of Israel. Since Israel is currently a much-needed trade partner with West Virginia, is highly favored of our Christian God, and since religion discrimination has unfortunately become far more normalized by too many in society, I gladly voted “yes” on this bill.

House Bill 2874: Proud to have sponsored this bi-partisan bill. If passed into law it will extend the current veteran’s business fee waivers to both active-duty military members, their spouses and immediate family members. The goal is to incentivize more veterans to relocate in, and start businesses within, our wonderful state.

Committee Substitute for House Bill 2982: Relating to the Second Chance at Life Act of 2021. Another bill I am very proud to have sponsored. If passed this bill will require those who issue the RU486 abortion pill to a woman desiring to kill her baby to make the woman aware that there is an opportunity to save the baby’s life should she change her mind within the first 24 to 48 hours of taking the abortion pill. If this bill passes into law and saves even one baby’s life it will be well worth the time invested to get this out of committee and onto the floor for a full vote. The measure passed with 83 “yes” votes and 15 “no” votes. This bill is about giving the most vulnerable in society a second chance at life. I will let you guess who the majority of the “no” votes were from. Very sad indeed.

House Bill 3177: If passed into law this bill will remove expired, outdated, inoperative and antiquated provisions and report requirements in public education. My fellow educators should be just as happy with this bill as I was when voting for it. Our educators have far too many unnecessary administrative requirements heaped on them. They need less time filling out reports and more time focusing upon education standards for our students.

Committee Substitute for House Bill 3293: Relating to single-sex participation in interscholastic athletic events. Quite frankly, if this bill will protect our young ladies in high school from being either disadvantaged and/or injured by biologic males while engaging in high school sports. Despite being referred to as a “bully” and a “bigot” for sponsoring this bill, I am confident that our young girls will not have to face what others around the country have had to deal with. That is, having to compete for college scholarships against bigger, faster, and stronger individuals who were born male, yet seek preferential treatment to compete on the all-girl teams. This bill would not discriminate against transexual individuals playing sports as they may still play on the male teams. Instead, it rejects the notion that it is normal for biological males to discriminate against our young ladies by putting them at a disadvantage. This is not a very popular bill for some. However, the majority did not send me to Charleston to be “popular.” They sent me to see that their voice is heard loud and clear, to that oftentimes very quiet majority I say…you are welcome!

Committee Substitute for House Bill 2694: Relating to the creation of a 2nd Amendment Preservation Act. If passed into law, this wonderful bill will prevent state law enforcement officers and agencies from assisting federal agencies in investigating and/or enforcing any federal firearm violations, regulations, or unconstitutional national-level executive orders if such violations are not in violation of our state-level constitution. Hallelujah! Not surprisingly, only one Democrat in your House of Delegates supported this bill. All but four Republicans voted “yes” as those four were absent from the Chamber and did not vote. This is the Mountain State’s little way of telling the current, and future, administrations “no thank you” to any of their future unconstitutional anti-2A mandates.

Get your legislative updates and do your own research by going to wvlegislature.gov and clicking on BILL STATUS.


Todd Longanacre
Delegate, 42nd District, WV House


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