Two Vaccinated West Virginians Win Big In Do It For Babydog Sweepstakes

Nicholas County resident Aron Sattler is now the proud owner of a 2021 Roush Stage 3 Ford Mustang and Fayette County resident Lewis Wood has free gasoline for 10 years through the “Do It For Babydog. Save A Life. Change Your Life” vaccination sweepstakes.

Gov. Jim Justice, along with Babydog, presented the two men with their prizes at the Fayette County Courthouse on Thursday, Sept. 16.

After they were told what they had won, Wood recalled the story of his fight against Covid-19.

“I had Covid-19,” Wood said. “I was in ARH for 18 days and got down to the point where if I made it through the night, I should be alright. I was on a ventilator for seven days.”

He said when he came out of the hospital he was so weak, he couldn’t walk.

“I encourage everyone to get the shot, because you don’t want to go through with what I went through,” Wood said. “It was a living hell.”

Sattler said that he was feeling overwhelmed with the knowledge that he had just won a Mustang.

“I have never won anything before. It’s amazing,” he remarked.

Sattler, who works as a soil scientist for the United States Department of Agriculture, said he has always dreamed of owning a Mustang and that the first place he is driving it will be to his parents house.

“My dad is a Mustang fanatic,” Sattler said. “In fact, he looked at getting a Mustang and restoring it, and his cousin has a beautiful ‘64 Mustang. So, taking this up there is going to be really neat.”

He added that he thinks the vaccination sweepstakes is a great program.

“It encourages people to get vaccinated,” Sattler stated. “With the current surge, I think we need it. My sister is a hospital worker and she is feeling overwhelmed. Her co-workers are feeling overwhelmed, and, like Gov. Justice said, we will respect everyone’s choices. Whatever you want to do is up to you, but if you can get the vaccine, if you are eligible for it, I would encourage you to do it.”


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