Senate Calendar And Committee Schedule For Thursday, February 24, 2022

Thursday, February 24, 2022 – 44th Day of Session

The Senate will convene at 11 a.m.


1. SCR 34: USMC SGTMAJ Herman H. Brawner Memorial Bridge

2. SCR 37: Harrison County Veterans Memorial Bridge

3. Com. Sub. for SCR 45: US Army CPL John D. Doyle, Sr. Memorial Road

4. HCR 28: Cpt. Billy Jake Smith Memorial Bridge

5. HCR 30: U.S. Army Pvt. Dallis H. Johnson WWII Memorial Bridge. – (Com. amends. pending)

6. HCR 59: Warrant Officer James G. Bosley Memorial Bridge – (Com. amends. pending)


1. Eng. Com. Sub. for SB 230: Relating generally to public employees grievance procedure

2. Eng. Com. Sub. for SB 371: Authorizing miscellaneous boards and agencies to promulgate legislative rules (original similar to HB 4210)

3. Com. Sub. for SB 463: Best Interests of Child Protection Act of 2022 – (With right to amend) (original similar to HB 4316)

4. Eng. Com. Sub. for SB 489: Clarifying amount of deputy sheriff annual salary increase

5. Eng. Com. Sub. for SB 622: Establishing requirements for carbon dioxide sequestration

6. Eng. SB 640: Eliminating requirement of PSC to send certain recommended decisions by certified mail (original similar to HB 4769)

7. Eng. SB 660: Setting forth standard of care requirements for telehealth practice


1. Com. Sub. for SB 588: Relating to WV Rails to Trails Program

2. Com. Sub. for SB 616: Relating to confidentiality of court files and law-enforcement records of certain enumerated offenses

3. Eng. HJR 102: Clarifying that the policy-making and rule-making authority of the State Board of Education is subject to legislative review, approval, amendment, or rejection


1. Com. Sub. for SB 71: Prohibiting political subdivisions from enacting certain ordinances, regulations, local policies, or other legal requirements

2. Com. Sub. for SB 420: Relating to distribution of certain taxes and surcharges to benefit volunteer and part-volunteer fire departments (original similar to HB 4279)

3. Com. Sub. for SB 466: Relating to limitations on civil actions or appeals brought by inmates

4. Com. Sub. for SB 522: Combining offices of WV State Americans with Disabilities Act and WV Equal Employment Opportunity (original similar to HB 4500)

5. Com. Sub. for SB 536: Relating generally to controlled substance criminal offenses (original similar to HB 4493)

6. Com. Sub. for SB 582: Creating WV Workforce Resiliency Act (original similar to HB 4574)

7. SB 603: Prohibiting licensure and re-licensure in WV if applicant is prohibited from practicing in another jurisdiction

8. SB 638: Changing hearing and notice provisions for failing or distressed public utilities

9. Com. Sub. for SB 648: Relating to Cable Television Systems Act

10. Com. Sub. for SB 694: Relating to oil and gas conservation

11. Com. Sub. for SB 698: Relating to number and selection of members for Governor’s Veterans Council

12. Com. Sub. for SB 701: Including children and spouses of deceased active-duty officers in eligibility for War Orphan Education Program

13. SB 713: Removing statutory limit for Environmental Laboratory Certification Fund

14. SB 714: Relating to tie votes by Coal Mine Safety and Technical Review Committee

15. Eng. Com. Sub. for HB 4126: Authorizing certain agencies of the Department of Health and Human Resources to promulgate legislative rules – (Com. amend. pending)

Scheduled Committee Meetings

1 p.m.: Health and Human Resources (451M)

1. SB 180: Removing requirement that determination of medical stability be found prior to admission to mental health facility

2. SB 518: Allowing nurses licensed in another state to practice in WV

3. SB 652: Requiring hospitals to receive patients transported to them by EMS providers

4. SB 655: Authorizing tactical medical professional to carry firearm with specific training requirements

5. SB 661: Relating to licensure of Head Start facilities in WV

6. SB 703: Relating to controlled substances schedule

7. SB 32: Permitting medical marijuana be prescribed in edible form

8. SB 699: Defining practice of dentistry

9. SB 706: Relating to PEIA reimbursement of inpatient hospital rates

1 p.m.: Energy, Industry and Mining (208W)

1. Originating Bill 3: Relating to Powers of the Office of Miners’ Health, Safety and Training

2 p.m.: Education (451M)

2. SB 653: Relating to public higher education governance

3. SB 456: Requiring county boards of education to develop seizure action plans

4. SB 704: Allowing parents, grandparents, and guardians to inspect instructional materials in classroom

2 p.m.: Government Organization (208W)

1. SB 617: Relating to qualifications for members of boards, commissions, and other entities

2. Com. Sub. for SB 608: Relating to assessment and taxation of real property occupied by certain family members

3. SB 705: Creating WV Native American Tribes Unique Recognition, Authentication, and Listing Act

4. Originating Bill 2: Relating to scope of practice for health care practitioners

3 p.m.: Finance (451M)

1. SB 621: Relating to funds for operations of jails

2. Com. Sub. for SB 530: Encouraging public-private partnerships in transportation

3. Com. Sub. for SB 468: Creating Unborn Child with Down Syndrome Protection and Education Act

4. SB 680: Adding Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation employees to Survivor Benefits Act

3 p.m.: Judiciary (208W)

1. SB 558: Increasing members of WV Parole Board

2. Com. Sub. for SB 659: Relating to nonintoxicating beer, wine, and liquor licenses and requirements

3. Originating Bill 2: Relating to pretrial diversion and deferred adjudication

4. SB 606: Relating to WV Medical Practice Act

5. SB 665: Allowing candidate and campaign committees to make contributions to affiliated state party executive committees

6. SB 693: Clarifying meeting voting requirements for political party executive committees

7. Originating Bill 3: Relating to employees of certain urban mass transportation authorities

8. SB 649: Requiring communication providers providing service or obtaining WV area codes to register with PSC

9. SB 679: Requiring health care providers and law-enforcement officers to notify DMV when licensee is incapable of operating motor vehicle

10. SB 96: Requiring disclaimers on third-party, nongovernment solicitations mailed or otherwise provided to businesses

** Committee times and agendas are subject to change **

Senate Bills to be Introduced Thursday, February 24, 2022

1. SB 715: Decreasing and increasing existing items of appropriations from State Fund, General Revenue [By Request of the Executive] (Blair, Baldwin; Finance)

2. SB 716: Supplemental appropriation to DOE, WV BOE, Strategic Staff Development [By Request of the Executive] (Blair, Baldwin; Finance)

3. SB 717: Supplemental appropriation to Miscellaneous Boards and Commissions, Board of Medicine, Medical Licensing Board [By Request of the Executive] (Blair, Baldwin; Finance)

4. SB 718: Supplemental appropriation to Department of Administration, Travel Management, Aviation Fund [By Request of the Executive] (Blair, Baldwin; Finance)

5. SB 719: Supplemental appropriation to DHS, Fire Commission, Fire Marshal Fees [By Request of the Executive] (Blair, Baldwin; Finance)

6. SB 720: Supplementing and amending appropriations to Executive, Governor’s Office, Civil Contingent Fund [By Request of the Executive] (Blair, Baldwin; Finance)

7. SR 40: Affirming support for Ukrainian sovereignty (Lindsay)

Committee Action on Bills from Wednesday, February 23, 2022

1 p.m.: Economic Development

1. Originating Bill 1: Relating to County Authority Board

2. Originating bill reported to the full Senate with the recommendation it do pass

3. Com. Sub. for SB 662: Relating to creation, expansion, and authority of resort area district

4. Committee substitute reported to the full Senate with the recommendation it do pass

5. HB 4002: Creating the Certified Sites and Development Readiness Program

6. Bill reported to the full Senate with the recommendation it do pass; second reference to Finance

7. HB 4084: Relating to advanced recycling

8. Bill reported to the full Senate with the recommendation it do pass

2 p.m.: Agriculture and Rural Development

1. Com. Sub. for SB 424: Relating generally to 2022 Farm Bill

2. Committee substitute reported to the full Senate with the recommendation it do pass; second reference to Finance

3 p.m.: Finance

3. Com. Sub. for SB 64: Allowing county commissions to impose amusement tax

4. Committee substitute reported to the full Senate with the recommendation it do pass

5. Com. Sub. for SB 656: Providing tax credit for certain corporations with child-care facilities for employees

6. Committee substitute reported to the full Senate with the recommendation it do pass

7. Com. Sub. for SB 100: Establishing secondary location for racetrack video lottery terminal

8. Committee substitute reported to the full Senate with the recommendation it do pass

3 p.m.: Judiciary

1. Com. Sub. for SB 668: Clarifying eligibility for probation and parole conditions for sex offenses

2. Committee substitute reported to the full Senate with the recommendation it do pass

3. Com. Sub. for SB 29: Providing fee for processing of criminal bonds

4. Committee substitute, as amended, reported to the full Senate with the recommendation it do pass; second reference to Finance

5. SJR 9: Disabled Veterans’ Exemption from Ad Valorem Property Taxation Amendment

6. Joint Resolution reported to the full Senate with the recommendation it be adopted; second reference to Finance

7. Com. Sub. for SB 590: Clarifying that tenancy includes persons who reside in sober living home

8. Committee substitute reported to the full Senate with the recommendation it do pass

Bills that Have Passed the Senate as of Wednesday, February 23, 2022 (172 – 152 Senate; 20 House)

1. SB 1: Creating Mining Mutual Insurance Company (House Energy and Manufacturing)

2. SB 2: Relating to unemployment benefits program (House Finance)

3. SB 3: Requiring work search activities to qualify for unemployment benefits (House Finance)

4. SB 4: Repealing ban on construction of nuclear power plants (Signed, 02-09)

5. SB 5: Creating WV Unmanned Aircraft Systems Advisory Council (House Government Organization)

6. SB 6: Establishing common law “veil piercing” claims not be used to impose personal liability (House Judiciary)

7. SB 7: Relating to damages for medical monitoring (House Judiciary)

8. SB 8: Relating generally to state’s savings and investment programs (Signed, 02-02)

9. SB 9: Providing continued eligibility for developmental disability services to dependents of military members (House Health and Human Resources)

10. SB 10: Relating to WVU Rifle Team electronic application donation program (House Agriculture and Natural Resources)

11. SB 22: Relating to exempting certain organizations from property taxation (House Education)

12. SB 25: Updating provisions of Medical Professional Liability Act (H Second Reading, 02-24)

13. SB 33: Protecting consumers against businesses using automatic renewals without consent (House Judiciary)

14. SB 40: Prohibiting insurance coverage from requiring prior authorization for tests to stage cancer (House Health and Human Resources)

15. SB 44: Requiring State Fire Commission propose rules for sprinkler protection for certain new buildings (House Fire Departments and Emergency Medical Services)

16. SB 60: Allowing BOE create and provide course in family and consumer sciences in secondary schools (House Education)

17. SB 77: Allowing certain veterans park free at metered parking in any state municipality (House Government Organization)

18. SB 86: Creating criminal offense of sexual extortion (House Judiciary)

19. SB 91: Creating “Choose Life” special registration plate supporting adoption (House Technology and Infrastructure)

20. SB 98: Creating nonresident three-day fishing license (House Agriculture and Natural Resources)

21. SB 99: Continuing authority to index license and stamp fees (House Agriculture and Natural Resources)

22. SB 121: Prohibiting person criminally responsible for another’s death to participate in burial arrangements (House Judiciary)

23. SB 129: Making it unlawful for public utility to prohibit customers from hiring contractors to construct, install, or maintain connections to public utility (House Technology and Infrastructure)

24. SB 135: Relating to acquisition and disposition of property by urban development authority (House Judiciary)

25. SB 136: Updating language regarding Fairmont State alumni license plates (House Technology and Infrastructure)

26. SB 137: Requiring persons convicted of certain felonies on or after March 8, 1995, provide DNA samples (House Judiciary)

27. SB 138: Relating to Board of Medicine composition (House Government Organization)

28. SB 141: Modifying requirement that racetrack participate in WV Thoroughbred Development Fund by certain date (House Finance)

29. SB 146: Relating to interpretations of school laws (House Judiciary)

30. SB 151: Creating license plate recognizing linemen (House Transportation and Infrastructure)

31. SB 170: Providing WV veterans discounts on fees and charges at state parks (House Agriculture and Natural Resources)

32. SB 172: Increasing compensation of elected county officials (House Government Organization)


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