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Ronceverte River Festival Members Provide Lunch For Workers Fixing Water Leaks



Members of the Ronceverte River Festival have decided to show their gratitude for crew members working to repair water leaks by providing them with lunches once a week until the water crisis is over, or until the festival committee runs out of money.

According to officials with the Ronceverte River Festival, crews have been working day and night in knee-deep muddy holes trying to find and repair leaks in the city’s water system. They have put in many hours of overtime.

Lunches provided by the Ronceverte River Festival will include store-bought and homemade lunches. The first lunch was provided on Thursday, May 6.

For those who wish to help purchase lunches for these workers, a donation can be made to the Ronceverte River Festival by visiting and clicking the donate link. Donations are also being collected by Ronceverte River Festival Committee member Mark Mengel. He can be reached by calling 304-647-8864.

All donations will be used to purchase lunch for the workers and donors’ names will be listed with the Ronceverte River Festival as a supporter of Ronceverte lunch breaks (unless they choose to remain anonymous), officials said.

Lastly, officials wanted to let Ronceverte residents know that although it is unlikely, home owners should check for signs of leaks in their pipes due to the draining and refilling and subsequent air pressure and rattling that are causing breaks in the town’s lines. “Be sure to check your basement or crawlspace periodically to look for leaks.”

Additionally, city of Ronceverte officials tell homeowners to turn off their water heaters when the water is shut off.

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