Morrisey Rails Against The 'Woke Left' At GOP Fundraiser

The Greenbrier County Republican Club held their “Great American Comeback Cookout Fundraiser” this past Saturday, July 24, at the Greenbrier Christian Retreat in Crawley. The event featured carnival games, a silent auction, live musical performances from the Thomas Taylor Band and Joanna Young Bryant and a fireworks display by Zambelli Fireworks.

In addition to the family-friendly activities, the fundraiser featured a host of speakers, including Congresswoman Carol Miller, State Treasurer Riley Moore, State Senate President Craig Blair and State Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, among others.

Blair was in standard form. When he took the podium, the senate president called out one particular Charleston-area journalist, saying, “I get accused by Phil Kabler of the Gazette of screaming all the time,” Blair said. “And he’s right!”

Blair spoke briefly about recent legislative accomplishments, education reform and necessary DMV improvements.

In closing, Blair said, “I feel better now, I’ve let it all out. Make sure you donate to your candidates, even if it’s $5. Donate to these candidates so they know that you’re with them. That money means everything. [ ] I’m not gonna’ be happy until I’ve got 34 senators that are Republicans.”

When Morrisey spoke, it seemed that his primary objective was to energize the crowd. The Attorney General began his remarks with, “I love seeing so many great patriots out in this field. This is one of the biggest crowds in Greenbrier County history. Kudos to you for coming out!”

Morrisey then moved right into the enjoyment he feels in his position as attorney general.

“I’m having a good time today, and every day,” Morrisey said. “Every single day I get to wake up and decide, ‘what am I gonna sue the Biden Administration over today?’ I’ve been your attorney general for the last nine years, and we’ve had to have some real fights over time. We took on Obama. We worked closely with President Trump. But I look at this Biden Administration, and this isn’t Obama 2.0, it’s Obama 5.0. They’re radical as hell!”

Morrisey then doubled down with his disdain for President Joe Biden and the Democratic party, saying, “We’re looking at a one-party state — occupied territory in Washington D.C. You have the far left…the woke left, and they want fundamental change to our country. They not only want to re-make America and make it into a socialist country, they want to erode our democratic institutions, suppress our 1st Amendment rights, take away our 2nd Amendment rights and bankrupt future generations.”

In addition to the standard arguments surrounding federal money and energy, Morrisey alleged that the “massive increases in fentanyl deaths” in Greenbrier County are a result of illegal immigrants entering the United States. Morrisey further referred to the immigration policies of the Biden Administration as “border disorder,” and claimed that “more than 2 million illegals will flood into our country in a short period of time.”

“They’re prioritizing asylum and migration over protecting American lives,” Morrisey charged. “We’re gonna’ file suit, and we’re gonna’ stop them on that!”

Morrisey then shifted gears, directing his impassioned tirade at what he described as “the integrity of women’s sports.”

“Early on, this (Biden) administration said they were going to fundamentally change the nature of sports. [ ] We’ve stood up and said ‘no!’ [ ] And we’re all so very proud to defend the legislature’s work-product. It’s right to say, ‘if you’re a biological male, you shouldn’t compete on the women’s team!’”

Just three days prior, on July 21, a federal judge put a stop to the West Virginia legislation, which discriminated against one particular transgender child’s (identified as B.P.J.) participation in organized sports within her school.

The court’s ruling, as written by Judge Joseph R. Goodwin, stated: “It is clearly in the public interest to uphold B.P.J.’s constitutional right to not be treated any differently than her similarly situated peers because any harm to B.P.J.’s personal rights is a harm to the share of American rights that we all hold collectively. The right not to be discriminated against by the government belongs to all of us in equal measure. It is that communal and shared ownership of freedom that makes up the American ideal. The American ideal is one that ‘never has been yet and yet must be – the land where every man is free.’ (Let America Be America Again by Langston Hughes.) B.P.J.’s Motion for a Preliminary Injunction is GRANTED.”

Morrisey then shifted gears once again, this time transitioning to education, saying, “There’s so many challenges facing our country right now. And one of them is critical race theory. We can’t allow that to gain strength here in West Virginia. Fortunately, there’s some good news on the horizon. 21 states, we reached out about a month-and-a-half ago, and it looks like we’re gonna’ block some of the introduction of critical race theory by the federal government.”

Currently, there are no bills before the House or Senate in the State of West Virginia proposing the introduction of critical race theory into the public school curriculum.

In conclusion, Morrisey said, “This is what your attorney general is doing every single day!”


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