Local Emergency Services Coordinate to Keep Kids Safe

According to a statement from the Summers County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy T.A. Withrow has been coordinating with local fire departments on a project to better secure the doors at local schools. The reason he needed the help of fire departments is that he is using sections of fire hose to secure the doors.

The Lieutenant of the Jumping Branch/Nimitz Fire Department, Jason “Bubba” Grose donated enough hose for Deputy Withrow to secure the doors of Summers County High School and Jumping Branch Elementary School.

The statement goes on to say that the Sheriff’s Department hopes “that other fire departments can participate in this.” It also says that they hope to implement this project at Talcott Elementary School as well.

In recent years with the rise in school shootings, it has been discovered that sections of old fire hose can be used as an added way to secure classroom doors. The hose is turned into a “sleeve” that is slipped over the rod at the top of the doors which prevents it from being opened. Fire hoses are made of material that is incredibly sturdy and does not easily break under pressure. Because of this, it can withstand a great deal.

This is not meant to be a substitute for other measures such as locking and barricading the door. Rather it is an added layer of protection.

Any local fire department that would like to participate in this project can contact the Sheriff’s Department at 304-466-7111.


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