Lewisburg Historic Landmarks Commission To Hold Meeting

Notice of Public Hearing

The Lewisburg Historic Landmarks Commission will hold a public hearing Sept. 13 at 5 p.m. in 942 Washington Street, West. The hearing is also available via teleconference because of the Covid-19 pandemic. For information on how to participate on ZOOM, contact Marsha Cunningham at 304-645-2080 by 4 p.m. on the day of the hearing.

The agenda includes
— Call to Order.
— Approval of the Minutes; August 9, 2021.
— Comments from the public.
— Linda Dale, 455 Randolph Street. Install generator on the driveway side of the house concealed with shrubbery and/or lattice work.
— Appalachian Headwaters, 122 Courtney Drive. Install a 3’x2’ sign with the company’s logo along with their name in text, mounted to wall.
— Lewisburg Surf Shop, 121 Stratton Alley Suite 7. Requesting 1 small branded black metal sign to be affixed to the front door. A nylon flag hanging from the top of the door. A black–lit metal sign with logo printed on front, paint main structure HC-190 Black and HC-27 for trim.
— Paula Thomas, 782 Jefferson Street South. Install z 3’x2’ sign on existing bracket.
— Montwell Commons, 990 North Jefferson Street. Install Sun Setter Retractable Awning on the backside of Hill and Holler, 11’8” when open. Color will be natural linen.
— Robert Strictland, 116 Preston Blvd. Install 2 Aluminum gates on existing brick wall in the backyard, painted black. One 12’x8’ on the North side of yard and the other 6’ single gate on East wall.
— Kristen Cornett, 172 Davis Street. Construct a three-car garage where a previous shed had been on the property.
— Bob Pollard, 471 Church Street. Demolition of garage, replaced by 3 car garage. Replace front porch roof with similar asphalt shingles, replace gutters, install fence in front yard and connect to neighbor’s fence (similar) and install backyard fence made of wire, Replace post light with a gas light.
— Comments from the commissioners.
— Comments from the Planning and Zoning Officer.
— Adjournment.

The next scheduled meeting for the Lewisburg Historic Landmarks Commission will be held on Monday, Oct.13 at 5 p.m. with a deadline of Friday, Oct. 1.


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