Henning Church Of God Meeting Updates

The Ladies of The Henning Church of God held their regular monthly meeting Tuesday, September 14, in the church fellowship hall. Carole Spencer presided and Barb Seldomridge led in prayer.

Carole Spencer presented the devotion about a cake recipe with scripture reference Psalms 34:8. The author was baking a cake in which the recipe only had five ingredients. She tweaked the recipe and changed some of the ingredients. The cake was a disaster. She then followed the recipe and the cake was a success. The Lord is good and we complicate things by trusting in self instead of God. We need to trust God with the simple things.

Barb Seldomridge presented the missionary education report, “Granny Bland,” written by her son and a friend. She lived in South India and went from village to village to preach the gospel. When she was young, she was a classic beauty, but many physical ailments and the harsh country had weathered her. She refused to look in a mirror. Her son tried to persuade her to retire at the age of 77 after she fell and broke her hip. She had to be carried off the mountain and endured a long drive to the hospital. She would not retire because the villagers needed to hear the gospel even after she was partially paralyzed in her lower legs. She rode her pony until she was 93 years old and the villagers carried her on a hammock to the villages until her death at 95 years old. She wanted to return to the earth and was only buried wrapped in a sheet and not in a casket, at her request. She was radiant and beautiful in spirit. Her worn-out image had God shining through her.

Pauline Perkins read last month’s minutes.

The yard and bake sale was a success. The group will serve the Maxwelton Ruritans on September 23. The laugh group will be making apple butter soon. The date has not been finalized. The group may have a bake sale the same day apple butter is made.

The next meeting will be October 12. Joan Vance dismissed in prayer.

Attending: Barb Seldomridge, Carole Spencer, Cindy Fleshman, Carol Spencer, Dyan Hefner, Joan Vance, Marty Burns, Patty Owens, and Pauline Perkins.


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