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Glen Daniel Man Charged With Host Of Felonies Following Series Of Bad Decisions



A Glen Daniel man has been charged with a host of felonies including wanton endangerment, child abuse, grand larceny, transferring stolen goods and more following a series of bad decisions that began in March.

The criminal complaint, filed in Raleigh County, states that on March 13, Lucas Lundy Boggess, 35, traveled to Ramey Motors in Princeton to purchase a 2019 Dodge Challenger valued at $48,298.44 in an alleged attempt to defraud the business.

Boggess filled out purchasing paperwork, signed a promissory note that he would pay for the vehicle at a later date and was able to drive the vehicle home, the complaint continues. While back in Raleigh County, Boggess went to a federal credit union and purchased a cashier’s check in the amount of $1.75. He then forged the check in the amount of $48,298.44, took a photo of it and sent the photo to Ramey Motors so that he could receive the title.

After two months of conversations with those at Ramey Motors, on May 18, a Ramey Motors employee met with Boggess in Glen Daniel to exchange the title for the cashier’s check. At this time, Boggess allegedly snatched the title and bill of sale from the employee and drove off the complaint states.

In the meantime, Boggess had agreed to sell the vehicle to a Beckley car dealer. Once he had the title and bill of sale, he took the car to the dealership, sold it and received a $45,000 check that he took to a Raleigh County BB&T and cashed.

“Mr. Boggess led [the dealership] to believe that he legally owned the vehicle,” according to the complaint.

A warrant was issued for his arrest by the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Department after Boggess’ misdeeds became known.

In a separate criminal complaint, also filed in Raleigh County, on June 5, Raleigh County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call in Glen Daniel where they found Boggess arguing with two victims.

Boggess “had a hatchet and began swinging it around making threats to kill [the victim] and their friend,” the complaint alleges. Boggess then shot 4-5 rounds into a victim’s car from a .380 Bersa handgun. He later went into the house and shot another round inside the house.

At this time, the complaint continues that Boggess placed the gun to a victim’s head and stated she had 30 minutes to leave the house before he would “put a bullet in her head.” He then turned the gun toward his other victim who was holding a minor child.

Boggess was arrested and taken to Southern Regional Jail where he faces one felony count of forgery, one felony count of uttering, one felony count of grand larceny, one felony count of transferring stolen property, one felony count of obtaining money or goods by false pretenses, two felony counts of wanton endangerment, one felony count of child abuse creating risk of injury, one misdemeanor count of domestic assault and one misdemeanor count of brandishing a deadly weapon.

One cash/surety bond for the events surrounding defrauding Ramey Motors has been set at $100,000. A separate cash/surety bond for the domestic incident has also been set at $100,000.

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