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In The News:

Dear Recycle Lady: Thursday, September 23

Dear Recycling Lady,

Haven’t I read in the past that all bubble wrap products are recyclable? The larger air pillows have recycling emblems on them, but the sheets or rolls of smaller honey-comb bubbles do not. I see that your Greenbrier Recycling Center Guidelines say that Bubble wrap products aren’t accepted there, but are they ALL recyclable at store drop-offs for plastic bags, etc? Thank you. Questioning my Memory!

Dear Questioning my Memory,

If the bubble wrap has the recycle symbol with a 2 or 4 in it, it is recyclable with plastics at store drop-off sites. If the recycle symbol is missing, it is questionable. The best advice for any plastic film without a symbol seems to be “When in Doubt, Throw it Out.” Don’t risk contamination of other recyclable materials. Instead of recycling the bubble wrap, it can be dropped off at PostNet on Route 219 North, across the road from the ABB building. PostNet reuses bubble wrap, brown paper, and Styrofoam peanuts for packaging and shipping packages.

Dear Recycle Lady,

I have accumulated several hardback textbooks that are out of date. I know paperback books can be recycled, but what about hardback books? Can they be recycled? Avid Reader

Dear Avid Reader,

You are correct that paperback books can be recycled with magazines. However, the Recycling Center is no longer accepting hardback books. Previously, the company that accepted them had a program to hire handicapped workers to tear out the pages of the books for recycling, offering them both employment and socialization. Unfortunately, COVID restrictions brought an end to the program. Hopefully, it will be reinstated when the pandemic is over, and the Recycling Center will again be able to accept hardback books.

Dear Recycle Lady,

Can used aluminum pie pans be recycled? Baker & Recycler

Dear Baker & Recycler,

Yes, aluminum pie pans can be recycled. They are recycled with aluminum foil; not with aluminum cans. As with all recyclables, be sure the pans are clean and dry. Food contaminates not only aluminum, but also all types of recyclables.

Good News: Queensland, Australia is tackling plastic pollution by banning businesses from selling or supplying some plastic and polystyrene products. This policy is their first stage of a wider ban that could see cuts of other products such as coffee cups and heavy-duty plastic bags. According to spokesperson, Meaghan Scanlon, the ban is an attempt to reduce the number of single-use plastics that end up in the oceans each year.

Interesting Fact: Mimi, Free The Ocean’s co-founder, recently discovered a plastic water bottle washed up on the Oregon Coast from South Korea. It had travelled over 5,000 miles! What a great example of how far away what we throw away can go!

Recycle Workshop – Friday, September 24, 10:00 – Noon. Bring your recyclables to the Recycling Center and join in the conversations.

Have questions about recycling, or interesting information about recycling? Send questions or requests to . Dear Recycle Lady is sponsored jointly by the Greenbrier Recycling Center and Greenworks Recycling.


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