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Dear Recycle Lady: Thursday, June 24



Can a grill with a rusted-out tray be recycled? — Griller
Dear Griller,
Yes, your grill can be recycled. Take it to the Recycle Center, go to the door for aluminum can and push the button. Someone will come to help you.

Good afternoon!
I had a yard sale Saturday and a wonderful event happen! My house painter asked if she could set up a table with 1/2 full cans of paint for free! People took almost all the cans! One guy spent a long time looking so I went over to meet him. He was painting his deck and was studying how to mix different colors to make grey. He took about 5 cans. Recycling!!! It was a good day. — Yard Sale Recycler
Dear Yard Sale Recycler,
What a great idea! Kudos to you and your painter for finding a way to recycle leftover paint. And kudos to your customers who found a way for it to be reused.

Dear Recycle Lady,
Lately, the Charleston Gazette has had a small advertising label stuck on the top of the front page. Must that label be removed before putting the front page in recycling. — Newspaper Reader
Dear Newspaper Reader,
No, the small label stuck on the front page of a newspaper does not need to be removed before recycling it. The label will recycle with the newspaper.

Dear Recycle Lady,
Do you accept old fabric and old clothes for recycling? — Seamstress
Dear Seamstress,
No, the Recycling Center doesn’t accept old fabrics or old clothes. However, Goodwill in Fairlea, Greenbrier Better Living in Ronceverte, and The Thrift Store in Caldwell all accept clothing and usable fabrics.

Dear Readers,
Some good news for the environment this week. The state of New York has passed legislation that will eliminate millions of single-use plastic toiletry bottles from hotels — eliminating over 27 million annually in New York City alone. They are the second state to pass this ban, after California. These small single-use items add a lot of plastic pollution to our waterways.

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