Dear Recycle Lady: Thursday, July 8

Dear Recycle Lady,
I have accumulated many photos over the years and lately, I have been sorting and organizing them. Can unwanted photographs be recycled? Does it matter whether they are black and white or colored photos? Thanks for your help. — Organizer

Dear Organizer,
Unfortunately, photographs are not recyclable. Chemical coatings that are used in the photo-developing process make them non-recyclable. Have you considered making a collage of them and sending it to family members? An interesting collection of relatives, young and old, could make a great Christmas gift.

Dear Recycle Lady,
What is considered “excess food”? It has been mentioned in several articles lately. — Concerned Shopper

Dear Shopper,
Excess food is food that is considered safe to eat, but because it is not perfect, is mislabeled or looks ugly, supermarkets and grocery stores are putting it in the trash. Nearly 40% of all food in the United States is wasted. Believe it or not, supermarkets and grocery stores throw away 43 billion pounds of imperfect food each year. Wasting food can be reduced in several ways. Find creative ways to use leftovers instead of throwing them out. For example, freeze leftovers, then make soup and freeze it to use later. Make a shopping list, particularly when buying fresh fruits and vegetables, as they spoil quickly. Plan your meals and purchase accordingly. Try not to overbuy when grocery shopping. Check out to purchase “ugly” food at a substantial discount.

Kudos to New York for passing an Excess Food Law which will help feed people and reduce food waste. According to https://news.thehungersite. law, New York grocery stores and supermarkets will be required to donate their excess food to food banks, charities and soup kitchens that provide free food to the hungry. France has a similar law and 90% of their supermarkets now donate unwanted food. Israel is working toward getting restaurants and hotels to donate their surplus food to hungry people.

RECYCLE WORKSHOP — Friday, July 16, any time from 10 a.m.– noon, for information, discussion, and demonstrations on recycling at the Greenbrier Recycling Center, Monroe Avenue, Ronceverte, WV. Come join us. We would love to see you!

Have questions about recycling, or interesting information about recycling? Send questions or information to Dear Recycle Lady is sponsored jointly by the Greenbrier Recycling Center and Greenworks Recycling.


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