Courthouse News February 23, 2022


– Cline George Lilly and Debra Sue Breen

– Trey Jospeh Mcclanahan and Samantha Jo Richmond


– Newman L. Nutter executor of the Glee Lelia Nutter Estate

– Mary A. Beard executrix of the Eddie Gene Beard Estate

– Thomas Lemons Jr administrator of the Russel Dean Lemons Estate

– Willi Hoke executor of the Inge Kizer Estate

– Christopher J. Hinkle executor of the Ann S Hinkle Estate

– Linda Brooks administratrix of the David Lee Cottrell Estate

– Jennifer Ballenger administratrix of the Shirlene May Tucker Estate

– Shari Castle executrix of the Johnny Ray Castle Estate

– Ada Gregory executrix of the Herbert Ray Loudermilk Estate

– Lois B. Lindsey, executrix of the Clifford F. Lindsey

– Mariana M. Friedman administratrix of the Anthony Older Friedman

Land Transfers

– Nicole Desrosiers and Katherine Poulin and Michelle Wihite to Bear Knob Holdings LLC, 16 acres more or less, Meadow Bluff District Map 76 Parcel 74.

– Robert Nolen and Brownie Nutter Nolen to Robert C. Nolen Jr., 128.98 acres more or less Both Sides Of Russellville Road, Meadow Bluff District Map 19 Parcel 003-0000-0000.

– Jacob M. Teubert to Ashley Brooke Smith and Joshua Roy Smith, 3.269 acre and 2.896 acre, Frankford District Map 21 Parcel 4 Parcel 4.14.

– Johnson Investments LLC to Joseph Anthony Brown, 0.275 acre more or less, Ronceverte Corp Map 6 Parcel 1.

– Arlen G. Myers Erroneously Referred To As Helen G. Myers to Elizabeth Destiny, 10.184 Square Feet, Lewisburg Corp Map 25 Parcel 10.

– James R. Holliday to James R. Holliday and Tracy A. Holliday, 4.323 acres more or less, Irish Corner District. Map 11 Parcel 65.

– James R. Holliday to James R. Holliday and Tracy A. Holliday, Lots 18 & 19- Obrien Addition, Ronceverte Corp Map 8 Parcel 42,43,

– Edward S. Ellison, Leanne Ellison to Alesha D. Barlow, Victoria Walters, Mary K. Hudson, and Karen M. Hibbard, Property, Blue Sulphur District Map 21 Parcel 0023 Parcel 0028 Parcel 0027.

– Jeffrey D. Bryant to Amanda M. Bryant, Lt. No. 7 Blk 12, Rainelle Corp Map 1 Parcel 144.

– Jeffrey D. Bryant to Amanda M. Bryant, Lot. No. 5 O’brian Addition, Ronceverte Corp Map 8 Parcel 33.

– Jeffrey D. Bryant to Amanda M. Bryant, Lot. No. 67 &68 Riverview Add, Meadow Bluff District Map 54c Parcel 29.

– Price Fisher to Morgan Fisher, Property, Frankford District Map 9p Parcel 0002.

– Joh R. Hill Living Trust to David Dewitt and Teresa Dewitt, 1.05 acres more or less, Anthony Creek District. Map 20 Parcel 22.

– Austin D. Boyd to Carol A. Lane and Adam Lane, 1 acre & 7 Poles, Falling Spring District. Map 38 Parcel 38.

– Suzanna M. Fry to Suzanne M. Fry and Thomas C. Elkins, 1.38 acres more or less, Lewisburg Corp Map 24 Parcel 328.

– Naomi R. Stark Living Trust to Mitchell N. Rashid and Kamilla Rashid, Lot. No. 90 The Ridges Phase 3, White Sulphur District Map 26 Parcel 98.

– Joyce Gay Sebert and Lynda Hayes Ambler to Michael Luke Pisapia and Nicole Ann Pisapia, Lot 140- Rolling Hills Estates Sbdv 2, Lewisburg Corp Map 5 Parcel 69.

– Gene E. Heimberger and Myrtle W. Heimberger to Dwayne H. Wills and Jessica Wills, 5 & 1/2 acres, Blue Sulphur District Map 9 Parcel 31.

– Adam Bragg to Larry A. Deitz, 10 acres, Meadow Bluff District Map 10 Parcel 0005 0001.

– Michael E. Bragg and Jerry W. Nutter to Larry A. Deitz, 58 acres more or less, Meadow Bluff District Map 10 Parcel 0005.

– Edwin Randolph to Shannon Bennett, Three Tracts, White Sulphur District Map 6 Parcel 5.2,87,87.1.

– Frances J. Boone to Jason G. Smith, 1.255 acres, Blue Sulphur District Map 11 Parcel 00330000.

– Juanita L. Bowyer to Eric Loudermilk and Myrna Jane Loudermilk, Lot. 9 Block 5, Fort Spring District Map 9h Parcel 188.

– Patsie G. Thompson to Patsie Dolan, Paula Hudson, and Peggy Pittman, Lot No. 38 Fort Spring Estates Subdivision, Fort Spring District Map 12k Parcel 0023.

– Robert Dean Shaffer II to Joseph Alan Shaffer and Michael F. Hey, 819 Sq. Feet 0.68 Acers more or less, Rupert Corp Map 5 Map 5 Parcel 0145 (28,801sf) Parcel 0146 (819 Sf).

– Elise Sinkwitz to Michael F. Hey, 15,000 Sq Feet, Alderson Corp. Map 2 Parcel 131.

– Davis Michael Lowry and Mary Beth Lowry to George O Dotterer III and Christiane S. Dotterer, Lot 92- East Ridge Sbdv, White Sulphur District Map 30 Parcel 60.

– Vanessa S. Cress and Paul D. Cress to William Keith Carpenter, Annalisa Varlotta, Mark Anthony Petzolt, and Jill Ashleigh Petzolt, Lot 99- East Ridge Sbdv, White Sulphur District Map 30 Parcel 67.

– George F. Schmid to George F. Schmid and Earline C. Schmid, 626 and 442 acres, Two Tracts, White Sulphur District Map 39 Map 42 Parcel 00160000 Parcel 00070000.

– Raymond J. Casuccio, Diana L. Casuccio, and John Duhaime to Luke A. Martin, 5.43 acres & 3.5 acres more or less, Meadow Bluff District Map 54k Parcel 7.


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