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Gbr. County Commission Holds November Regular Meeting



The Greenbrier County Commission gathered on Tuesday, November 10, for what turned out to be a particularly brief meeting. In a session that lasted for less than 11 minutes, the Commission addressed several points of Greenbrier County business.

The commission voted unanimously to pass a resolution allowing both the Greenbrier County Prosecutor’s office and the Greenbrier County Sheriff’s Department to access “Victims of Crimes” grants provided by the state in order to hire two Victim Advocates. Through the grants, the Prosecutor’s office was provided $47,680, while the Sheriff’s Department received $50,495.

“I’m appreciative that we were awarded the grant this year,” Greenbrier County Sheriff Bruce Sloan said at the meeting. “It will be a benefit to the Sheriff’s office and the citizens of the county. I’m looking forward to getting that position filled.”

A victim advocate is an individual trained to provide support and assistance to the victims of crimes. They are a significant resource for victims as they navigate through the criminal justice process. While the Greenbrier County Prosecutor’s office has been a previous recipient of this grant, this is the first time that the Sheriff’s Department has received the funds.

In the County Commission’s October meeting, the Commission approved the sum of $342,453.53 to be spent on the development of the county’s Sports Plex project. These funds were deemed necessary to address drainage and grading concerns, as well as other components of the project.

“After the DEP and Terradon (Corporation) finished walking the site there were a few additions or changes,” Commission President Lowell Rose said. “So anyway, the number changed on us from 342 to 348. $348,020.61. It’s a little over a $5,000 increase. We need to approve that amount so they can get this work done before the weather gets any worse and before the winter sets in on us.”

The commission approved the additional $5,567.08 by a vote of two to one.

The final point of business before the county commission was the completion of Greenbrier County’s vote canvassing process.

Greenbrier County Clerk Robin Loudermilk was in attendance for the meeting. Loudermilk confirmed that the canvassing process had been completed at 1:22p.m. on Monday, November 9.

A special meeting of the Greenbrier County Commission will be held in the coming days to officially certify the results of last week’s elections.

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