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Game Changer Initiative Announces “Change Their Holiday” Promotion



Game Changer, an initiative aimed at tackling many of the issues affecting the youth of West Virginia, is launching their “Change Their Holiday” promotion designed to help families recovering from opioid and substance misuse. The goal of the promotion is to ensure that families dealing with these challenges have what they need to enjoy the holiday season.

The announcement was made on Thursday, November 17, by West Virginia Governor and Game Changer “Head Coach” Jim Justice.

“I’ve said for a long time that our kids are, without a doubt, the greatest treasure we have in West Virginia, and we need to do all we possibly can to make their lives the very best they can be,” Justice said, in a written statement. “There are many kids that will surely have all kinds of happiness this holiday season. But there are too many others who may have a parent in recovery, or are living with their grandparents, whatever it may be, who are just getting by and may not be able to afford big dinners and gifts, That’s why I’m excited about the Change Their Holidays promotion. Between the great people putting this program together at Game Changer and the countless good-hearted West Virginians all across the state, I’m confident we will make a real difference in the lives of these children this holiday.”

The Change Their Holiday promotion will be raising money to provide families in recovery with a complete holiday.

Joe Boczek, the Coordinator of Game Changer, is looking forward to helping as many families as possible this holiday season. Boczek explained how the promotion is intended to not only benefit children, but parents and grandparents, as well. Boczek is fully aware that substance abuse is a situation that can be detrimental to the entire family.

“We hope that by purchasing gift cards through all our sponsors, we can also help parents and grandparents put food on their table, gas in their cars and even tires or other needed items, including clothing,” Boczek said. “It’s equally heartbreaking to watch parents or grandparents wonder how they are going to provide for a family holiday because funds are tight. It is our sincere hope we will indeed Change the Game for families in West Virginia during this holiday season and many holiday seasons to come.”

Both Pepsi and Wal-Mart have partnered with Game Changer on the “Change Their Holidays” promotion, and will be donating a percentage of sales from all 48 Wal-Mart locations across West Virginia. In addition, the JW Ebert McDonald’s Corporation will be donating 50 cents from the sale of each holiday pie sold during the promotion. Other sponsors of the “Change Their Holidays” promotion are MVP Bank, ParMar and Mountaineer Marts and Aetna Better Health of West Virginia.

Game Changer is also partnering with Grandfamilies for the “Change Their Holidays” promotion. Grandfamilies is an organization that assists grandparents who have found themselves in the role of caregivers as a result of substance misuse within their families.

“This is just another example of how Game Changer is lending a hand in the opioid crisis,” Bernie Dolan, Executive Director of the West Virginia SSAC, said. “The holiday season is a special time of the year and it is heartbreaking to think about the kids who, because of opioid and substance misuse, may not experience all the joy and happiness associated with the holiday season. Hopefully, Change Their Holiday will help provide that joy and happiness.”

To learn more about the West Virginia Game Changer Program, or the Change Their Holiday promotion, visit

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