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Penny Pitch Now Accepting Donations; Interviews To Get Underway



Our fund raising campaign for Penny Pitch 2020 is now accepting donations. Our graph is now running inside The West Virginia Daily News and will run through Christmas. The applications have been given out to interview teams to start the interview process. If you turned in an application, an interview team member will be contacting you to get information to see if you are eligible for Penny Pitch. Anyone doing an interview will identify themselves and go over the interview form with you on the phone. We are doing things a little different this year due to COVID-19.

A lot of the applications we received this year are from families who have lost their jobs or had their hours cut back due to the pandemic. All of these families that have children are now having to feed their children all meals at home, rather than them getting to eat breakfast and lunch at school. Other families are dealing with increased child care expenses due to their children being out of school. All of these scenarios make it harder for families to make ends meet. We are trying to help these families with Christmas for their children. We need your help to make sure children in our area have a toy and a warm winter coat for Christmas. We accept any donation, everything helps us to reach our goal of $65,000.

Please send your donation to Penny Pitch, P.O. Box 494, Lewisburg, W.V. 24901. Or you can still drop your donation by The West Virginia Daily News office, located at 188 Foster St. Lewisburg.

Donations received since our last report:

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