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Home Invasion Brings Burglary Charge Against Gbr. Man



A Greenbrier County man currently in jail for allegedly being in possession of a schedule-one narcotic with intent to distribute, has now added two counts of burglary to the list of charges against him. Robert Clyde Wilson, 31, of Alta Dr. in Asbury is being held in Southern Regional Jail on a total bail amount of $20,000.

Last month an incident occurred at the Super 8 Motel on Hilltop Drive in Lewisburg. Wilson, along with Priscilla Ann Nunez of Clayton Road in Alderson, were both arrested for allegedly being in possession of approximately three grams of heroin.

According to the criminal complaint associated with that incident, “The substance was packaged consistent as if it were for sale.”

The incident occurred back on August 15 of this year. Wilson and Nunez were later charged with the crime and booked on October 13. On Tuesday, August 18, (three days after the incident at the Super 8 Motel) West Virginia State Troopers were notified of suspicious activity at a home on Baker Street in Fairlea. Reports stated that an unidentified male had taken an air conditioner from a window at the residence. It was further related to troopers that the man (later identified as Wilson) was later seen exiting the residence and walking in the direction of the Motel M.

According to the criminal complaint, when troopers arrived at the scene, they were advised by a witness that Wilson had removed the air conditioner and then entered the home through the window. Wilson is alleged to have been in the home for a short time, before exiting and returning the air conditioner to the window. Troopers then located Wilson near the Motel M.

The complaint states that Wilson “appeared very nervous.”

When asked if he had witnessed anything out of the ordinary, Wilson allegedly advised troopers that he had not, as he had been in his room at the Motel M all day.

After speaking with Wilson, troopers spoke with the victim at the residence on Baker Street. The complaint states that the victim advised troopers that his residence had been broken into approximately two-weeks prior, and that $600 had been stolen. The victim stated that he did not report the theft due to his belief that his grandson (Wilson) had been the one responsible for the break-in.

The criminal complaint further states, “(the victim) stated he was scared Mr. Wilson would come back and due to his (the victim’s) age, and the fact that he (the victim) did not possess a firearm, he was unsure of how he would protect himself.”

Troopers also spoke with the victim’s daughter (Wilson’s mother) at the time, as she was present at the residence. The victim’s daughter advised troopers that she had contacted Wilson and confronted him about the break-in. The complaint states that Wilson allegedly admitted to his mother that he had broken into the victim’s residence. Troopers then attempted to once again locate Wilson, but were unable to do so at that time.

On Thursday, August 27, troopers took a recorded statement from the victim’s daughter.

As reported in the criminal complaint, the victim’s daughter stated that her father (the victim) was at her residence when a neighbor contacted her sister (victim’s other daughter). Her sister then contacted the victim and advised him that his residence had been broken into. The victim’s daughter further stated her father and herself travelled to her father’s residence. Upon hearing about the break-in, they both assumed that Wilson was responsible due to the fact that he residing at the Motel M behind the victim’s house and because he had previously broken into the same residence, according to the complaint. The victim’s daughter advised troopers that she provided a ‘public service’ to Wilson, stating she was on her way to the motel and that law enforcement had been contacted. The victim’s daughter further advised troopers that when confronted about the break-in, Wilson stated he did not break into the residence and that the air conditioner was still in the victim’s window.

The complaint goes on to state that the victim’s daughter advised troopers she then told Wilson there was an eyewitness and video of him committing the break-in. Wilson allegedly hung his head, and admitted to breaking into the victim’s residence. The victim’s daughter further advised troopers that Wilson had admitted to previously stealing money from the victim around the beginning of August, and that his reasoning for doing so was that someone was going to hurt him if he did not produce the money.

According to the criminal complaint, troopers were also provided video surveillance footage from the Motel M that further incriminates Wilson in the break-in.

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