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First Round Of Penny Pitch Donations Have Rolled In



The following donations have been received for the 2020 Penny Pitch Campaign.

• In memory of Pat O’Neil from Kellian O’Neill, $420

• St. James United Methodist Church-White Sulphur Springs, $1,000

• Caring Acres Farm, $100

• Barry L. Bruce and Associates, $100

• BPOE Lewisburg Lodge 1758, $2,000

• In memory of DeDe, Daddy and Uncle George, $300

• Carolyn Bryant, $100

• With love, Jeff, Michele, Haley and Kaden Dowdy. Oswaldo, Melissa, Isa, Aeva and Keilah Nass from father-in-law, Dad and Papa (Carter Sykes) In honor of John, Bessie, Thurman and Gladys Sykes, John and Hettie Boyd and Bill and Eva Napier from grandson, son and son-in-law (Carter Sykes), $100

Total: $4,120    

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