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Union Man Arrested After Allegedly Leading Police On High Speed Chase Through WSS



A Monroe County man is in custody after leading police on a high speed pursuit throughout White Sulphur Springs and the surrounding areas.

Charles Telford Mentz, 42, of Hollywood Glace Road in Union has been charged with a bail violation, operating a motor vehicle while suspended or revoked and fleeing with reckless indifference.

On Wednesday, October 28, at approximately 1:40 a.m., officers attempted to stop a Chevy Blazer with a shattered back window and a faulty brake light. The Blazer had been traveling east on Route 60 through White Sulphur Springs.

According to the criminal complaint, the Blazer attempted to elude police by driving the wrong way up the exit ramp on Interstate 64 and proceeding into oncoming traffic. Once on the interstate, officers reported pursuing the Blazer at speeds in excess of 88 miles per hour. The posted speed limit for that section of Interstate 64 is 70 miles per hour.

The driver of the Blazer, later identified as Charles Telford Mentz, was allegedly weaving in and out of traffic while passing tractor-trailers. Officers remained in pursuit of Mentz’s vehicle as it exited the interstate via the Hart’s Run/White Sulphur Springs exit.

According to the criminal complaint, Mentz turned left onto Hart’s Run Road before turning onto Jones Mountain Road. Mentz is alleged to have then turned off of Jones Mountain Road, crashing through a gate on a property reportedly owned by the Mentz family. The complaint states that Mentz’s vehicle then jumped a creek bed, making it impossible for the officer’s patrol car to continue pursuit.

Officers then proceeded to the GoMart gas station where Mentz’s vehicle had been observed earlier. The officers were provided with video surveillance footage that led to the identification of Mentz as the Blazer’s driver, as well as one male and one female passenger. Mentz had allegedly stopped at the gas station in search of change in order to put air in the tires of the Blazer.

Charles Telford Mentz is currently being held in Southern Regional Jail on a $30,000 cash or surety for the charges of driving while suspended or revoked and fleeing with reckless indifference. Additionally, Mentz is charged with being a fugitive from justice from a previous incident, with no bail set in that matter.

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