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Knights Volleyball Finish On Winning Notes



The Knights finished their volleyball season on a winning note, taking the final two matches of the season both JV and

Coach Dawn McClure said, “I hate to see it end. With volleyball having one of the shortest seasons, it always seems that the team is just reaching their peak and it’s time for it to be over. I’ve been pleased with many of the players individual improvements. I’m just happy we got to play as many matches as we did.”

Varsity finished the season with an overall record of 10-5 and JV overall was 8-5.

The first match of the week the Knights traveled to Western Greenbrier. The Timberwolves came out strong, taking the first set in the JV match (8-25).

The Knights settled in and took the next two sets to secure the win (25-19)(25-15). Mackenna McClure led the way with seven kills, Norah Ambler close behind with six, Kate Lehman had four and Ciara Sheppard had two. Assists were a group effort. Maddie Podsiadlik led in assists with five, Kate Lehman with four, and Mackenna McClure, Nora Ambler, Emily McClure with three each, Laney Depriest and Aryn Cleghon had one. Maddie Podsiadlik had another nice night at the serving line leading with eight serves and three aces. Emily McClure had seven serves and one ace, Norah Ambler had six serves and one ace, and Kate Lehman had five serves.

The digs were a team effort with everyone contributing. Kate Lehman made an exceptional hustle dig, running towards the stand and making a one-handed pass to keep the ball in play.

Varsity won in two highly contested sets (25-15)(25-23). It was a team effort at the net with Mollie Pack and Haley Workman having double digit kills, Jenna Groves with eight, Haley Byars seven, Aundraya Simmons six, Natilee Wellman five, Hailey Ervin three, and Karma Jacobs one. Assists were evenly spread across the team. Hailey Ervin led the way with 10. Serving leaders were Mollie Pack with nine and two aces, Allyson Martin with 12 in and Hailey Ervin with six in and three aces. Passing leaders included Karma Jacobs, Hailey Ervin, Haley Workman, Haley Byars, Mollie Pack and Allyson Martin. Haley Byars added a great hustle play and block.

The final match of the season had the Knights traveling to Greater Beckley Christian. JV winning in two sets (25-20)(25-16). Mackenna McClure had three kills to lead the team, with Norah Ambler, Laney Depreist and Sydney Norman with one each. Trinity Perkins and Emily McClure each had three assists. Kate Lehman had a big night serving with six serves in play and four aces, Maddie Podsiadlik and Mackenna McClure each had six serves and one ace. Passing was spread across the board with Mackenna McClure, Norah Ambler, Maddie Podsiadlik, Kate Lehman, Sydney Norman, Kamari Walton, and Lyla Smith all having three or more digs on the night.

Varsity followed suite taking the Crusaders in two sets as well (25-22)(26-24). Leaders at the net were Mollie Pack, Haley Workman, Aundraya Simmons and Jenna Groves combining for over 20 kills on the night. Assists were a group effort. Hailey Ervin led with Haley Byars, Natilee Wellman, Aundraya Simmons and Mollie Pack all contributing three or more each. Allyson Martin and Haley Byars led the team in passing.

Hailey Ervin broke out her jump serve, proving to be difficult for the Crusaders to return, ending in five aces. Allyson Martin had a nice net with seven serves in play and Haley Byars with eight serves in play and three aces. In the end it was Jenna Groves at the line that would ice the game, bringing the Knights back from five down. Aundraya Simmons put the last ball down on the final kill of the 2020 season.

The teams would like to thank their coaches for their tireless effort to make them better players throughout the season.

Coaches Dawn McClure, Karla Workman, and Jen Ervin.

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