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Greenbrier County Courthouse News




Jack Michael Smith and Kimberly D. Crookshanks

Adrian Roman Diana and Elizabeth Jane Pitzer

Earl D. Frymire and Kimberly Kay Spencer

Brandon Cristopher Pickles and Kelly Anne Smith

Okey Hansford Morgan and Shelby Jean Keener

Triston Daniel Crookshanks and Allie Elizabeth Fraley

David Joe Ridgeway and Mishal Rishah Wood

Joseph Michael Arbaugh and Mary Evelyn O’Connor

Land Transfers

Habitat For Humanity Inc. to Kathy L. Thompson, Lot 7, Summer Elm, White Sulphur District, Map 16, Parcel 0024;

Carolyn J. Boster to Tamberly D. Matthews, 0.23 acres, Frankford District, Map 23L, Parcel 0010;

Carolyn J. Boster to Tamberly D. Matthews, 9.12 acres more or less, Frankford District, Map 23L, Parcel 0011;

Billy R. Falls and Betsy Jo Falls to Melissa Baker Perkins, Lot 10, Fort Spring District, Map 11, Parcel 64;

John William Callison to Robert James Spencer and Cheryl Ann Spencer, 77.417 acres more or less, Blue Sulphur District, Map 6, Parcel 12;

United Bank Inc. to Jeffrey Keith Mullins, Lot 28, Greenbrier Sporting Club, White Sulphur District, Map 26L, Parcel 19;

Tia D. Scott to Greenbrier Premiere Rentals and Property LLC., Lot 65, Ronceverte District, Map 9, Parcel 0356 and 0362;

Deborah Lynn Pine to Chad J. Wilson and Amanda Wilson, Two tracts, Irish Corner District, Map 10, Parcel 25;

Wade L. Griffith to Michelle A. Saunders, Lot 6A, Lewisburg Village, Lewisburg District, Map 12, Parcel 112;

Robert A. Hamilton to Shon A. Bernard and Ada A. Bernard, 0.535 acres, Crowfeild, Lewisburg District, Map 16, Parcel 76;

Blackbird Village LLC. to Edmond F. Szajna and Caroline M. Szajna, Unit 108, Blackbird Village, Lewisburg District, Map 21A, Parcel 53;

Damián Huff and Kelly Huff to Emily Mankins, Lot 49, Part of Lot 50, White Sulphur District, Map 11, Parcel 176;

Greg S. Weikle and Donna S. Weikle to Richard B. Donovan Jr. and Timothy Donovan and Lois Dell’Accic and Thomas Donovan and David Donovan, Lots 21, 22, 23, 34, 35, 36, Irish Corner District, Map 19N, Map 19P, Parcel 28, 29, 30, 5, 17, 18;

Family DSM LLC. to Cab Holdings LLC., 19.565 acres and Lot 13, Lewisburg District, Map 13, 19, Parcel 78, 10.5, 89;

Ronald L. Dotson to William Johnson and Catherine Johnson, Lot 5, Willow Bend Subdivision, Frankford District, Map 22, Parcel 159;

Henrietta Beavers Stoneburi to Robert A. Guet and Alinda L. Perrine, Lot 40, Block 4, Tallassee Subdivision No. 2, Fort Springs District, Map 1, Parcel 81;

Pocahontas Land St. E. Land Trust by Trustee to Larry C. Taylor and Deborah Taylor, Multiple Lots, Rupert District, Map 5, Parcel 330;

Kristina Bishop and Matthew William Ridgeway to Lee Ann Robinson and Jeremie J. Johnson, Lot 44, Ronceverte District, Map 8, Parcel 22;

Bank of America NA to Leo A. Vecellio and Kathryne Vecellio, Lot 46, White Sulphur Hill Neighborhood, Greenbrier Sporting Club, White Sulphur District, Map 22N, Parcel 32;

Larry Gabbert and Lorria Gabbert to George Garrette Wright III and Crystal Wright, Part of Lot 10 and all of Lots 11 and 12, Surbaugh Sims Subdivision, Meadow Bluff District, Map 47N, Parcel 21;

Holly D. Boggs and Russell L. Boggs Jr. to Russell L. Boggs Jr., Lot 80 and half of Lot 81, White Sulphur District, Map 9, Parcel 0106, Parcel 0107;

Sheridan D. Lafon to Sarah Lafon, 1.00 acre more or less, Irish Corner District, Map 45, Parcel 0001;

Timothy Barnes Jr. and Martha Barnes to Roger Lance and Melissa Lance, 2.5 acres more or less, Rupert District, Map 4, Parcel 0195.

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