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Lewisburg Man Charged With Multiple Crimes, Including Grand Larceny



A Greenbrier County man was arrested on the morning of Sunday, October 18, for charges stemming from two separate incidents that occurred earlier this year. Kevin Eugene McCoy, 54, of Lewisburg is being held in Southern Regional Jail for allegedly driving while revoked, destruction of property, petit larceny, grand larceny, transfer of stolen property and conspiracy to commit a felony.

McCoy’s bail is set at $4,500.

On Thursday, February 27, West Virginia State Police were dispatched to Brush Road in Lewisburg to investigate the alleged theft of a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan. According to the criminal complaint, the victim advised officers that the vehicle, which had been for sale, was not operable. The victim had not been residing at the address where the vehicle was located, and therefore had not been made aware of it’s theft until some 10 days after the fact. The complaint states that, on Saturday, February 29, the victim spoke with a representative from Boggs Scrap and Iron in Caldwell. The representative allegedly advised the victim that the vehicle had been purchased by the facility approximately one week prior, and that the vehicle had since been demolished.

According to the complaint, on Thursday, March 5, officers arrived at Boggs Scrap and Iron to interview the representative about the vehicle. The representative allegedly told officers that two individuals, identified as Brandon Keeney and Kevin Eugene McCoy, had sold the vehicle to the facility on February 19, for the sum of $112. Surveillance footage from the day of the sale showed Keeney to be driving a pick-up truck that was towing the caravan. McCoy was allegedly behind the wheel of the stolen vehicle. Footage also showed the exchange of money for the caravan. The complaint states that upon performing verification of both suspect’s driver’s licenses it was discovered that both had been revoked.

The complaint further states that on Monday, August 10, State Police were dispatched to Northridge Apartments in Lewisburg to investigate a report of two stolen bicycles. According to the criminal complaint, on August 19, officers received a tip that Kevin McCoy, who was known to reside in a camper along Brush Road, was in possession of the stolen bicycles. It was also reported that the bicycles had been spray-painted. On August 20, officers visited McCoy’s residence. Although no one was present, the complaint states that officers located one of the stolen bicycles on the property. The bicycle had, in fact, been painted, and two discarded spray-cans were lying near to where the bicycle was located.

On Friday, September 4, officers once again visited McCoy’s home. According to the criminal complaint, McCoy was present when officers arrived. Upon questioning, McCoy allegedly told officers that he had found the bicycle in a ditch behind Northridge Apartments and that it had already been painted when he found it. He is further alleged to have advised officers that the spray-cans found near the bicycle were unrelated, despite being the same color which the bicycle had been painted.

Brandon Keeney has also been charged with a second-offense of driving revoked for non-DUI, a second-offense of driving revoked for DUI, transferring stolen property, grand larceny and conspiracy to commit a felony.

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