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Gerald Halstead Retires After 22-years Of Service To Greenbrier County



Gerald Halstead of the Greenbrier County Sheriff’s Office retired last week after over 14 years of dedicated service to the county. Mr. Halstead has been a fixture of courthouse security since officially joining the Sheriff’s Department on June 6, 2006. Prior to that, Halstead spent eight years serving as a custodian at the courthouse facility in Lewisburg. But for those who are sad to see Halstead go after more than two decades, the news is not all bad —you may still have the occasion to run into him from time to time.

“I’ll still work part time,” Halstead told the WV Daily News. “I told the sheriff he could call me when someone is on vacation or out sick.”

Halstead said he doesn’t really have any big plans for his retirement, stating “I’ll just be here at the house mostly.”

Halstead does intend to spend some time helping his daughter with her burgeoning woodcrafting business. “She gives me designs and I cut them out,” Halstead said. “I help her however I can. She really enjoys it.”

Halstead says his daughter is hoping to open a permanent location for her woodcrafting in Fairlea.

Everyone at the West Virginia Daily News would like to offer our sincerest thanks to Gerald Halstead for his over 22 years of service to the community, and wish him every bit of happiness in his retirement.

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