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Coronavirus Claims 52 in Last 10 Days



On Tuesday, officials from the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources announced 8 more coronavirus-related deaths. This brings the state’s total to 222.

“This is another difficult day for West Virginia as the death toll continues to rise,” Cabinet Secretary Bill J. Crouch stated in a message posted on the DHHR website. “Our heart goes out to these West Virginians and their families. Please continue taking every precaution we can to slow the spread of this disease.”

With the addition of Monday’s results, West Virginia has now seen 52 coronavirus-related deaths over the last 10 days.

This marks the most substantial increase in mortality within the state since the initial onset of the pandemic. And as reported by the Associated Press, represents a 91% increase since August 1.

There were 225 new cases identified on Sunday. This was a new record-high for positives in a single day, upsetting the one-day record of 180 in late July. The results brought the state’s total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus to 10,507.

While one of Tuesday’s reported deceased was in their early 40s, the remaining seven were all seniors.

According to the Associated Press, The virus usually results in only mild to moderate symptoms, but is particularly dangerous for the elderly and people with other health problems. West Virginia has the nation’s third-oldest population, and there are current virus outbreaks at 33 nursing homes statewide. More than 100 virus-related deaths have occurred during the pandemic at nursing homes.

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