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A Letter From The Editor



Dear Loyal Readers!

We want to thank you for all the enthusiasm you’ve had for our return. We have been overwhelmed with all the well wishes and welcomes as we get up and running again!

And we want to assure you of some things that you’ve been letting us know this week:

Obituaries are starting to trickle in and will become more regular in our daily publications. Courthouse news and a weekly magistrates report are all returning as well!

Jumble is coming back as soon as possible along with a crossword puzzle!

We’re hard at work building up our local news content for you but being out of the game for a while has put us behind, keep calling us with every news tip you have. Let us know about the issues and concerns that impact your life. If we don’t know about it, we can’t report on it. We are striving to report on the news that impacts your life so you can stay informed: 304-645-1206 or email us at!

And we thank you for patience as we work through some printing press issues. With old equipment sitting around for a long period of time and new equipment being implemented we have experienced some growing pains we did not anticipate but are working hard to resolve as soon as possible!

Thank you for telling us what you enjoy because we want this to be a publication you enjoy. Thank you for supporting us as we transition into a new era!


Bill Frye

Executive Editor

West Virginia Daily News

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