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Veteran's Organizations to Receive State-Funding



At his media-briefing on Friday, September 4, Governor Jim Justice announced plans to provide financial funding to 279 veteran’s organizations throughout West Virginia.

According to the Governor, $1.35-million in state-funds have been set aside to help these organizations, as the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has limited their ability to conduct traditional fundraising.

  “Taking care of our veterans is one of our most important jobs,” Justice said. Under the plan, each of these groups would receive $5,000 from the state. There is no application process involved to receive the funds. They will be automatically disbursed to all registered veteran’s organizations within the state.

“We may even try to squeeze that up to $10,000,” Justice went on to say. If that were to happen, it would most likely take the form of a second $5,000 payment.

  Governor Justice then shifted gears slightly, once again stressing the urgency of local businesses across the state to submit their applications for the West Virginia Cares Act Small Business Grant Program.

Under the program, $150-million has been made available to assist W.Va.-based small businesses that were operating on or before February 29, 2020, and who employ between 1 and 35 workers. The funds are dispersed as grants, totaling $5,000 each. $103 million has been distributed by the state, thus far.

The application deadline is September 30.

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