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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Mayor Beverly White



Because it’s not you

You don’t care what others say or do

Because it’s not you

Wanting justice is not new

Because it’s not you

Who feels the hate

Because it’s not you

Equality is still too late

Because it’s not you

Peace you don’t seek

Because it’s not you

You want us to be weak

Because it’s not you

Our lives have no worth in your eyes

Because it’s not you

You don’t feel the cries

Of all of us

Who don’t look like you

On Saturday, as I watched the news my heart is still heavy over why the color of my skin causes such hate in people who don’t look like me. Why wanting equal treatment because it’s my constitutional right somehow bothers you who don’t look like me.

God gave me this poem and I wanted to share this now especially in this election season when there are attempts at voter suppression in our face. When mistrust is spread like peanut butter so we don’t vote. Where inciting fear of us is sprinkled like salt on a wound so that it stings and causes people to think in ways they probably wouldn’t but now that fear is instilled in the minds of people who are supposed to be intelligent.

These are sad, sad, times and prayers are stronger than ever for peace and justice for all those who deserve it, seek it and demand it.

Our children and grandchildren are watching and listening. Will you be able to look them in their eyes and they’ll see LOVE, JUSTICE, PEACE, UNDERSTANDING, EMPATHY, BUT MOST OF ALL HOPE?

I know mine will.

Prayers and love for our communities and country,

Lewisburg Mayor Beverly White

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