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Progressive CEOs Meet In September



The Progressive CEOs club met on member Patty Gray’s patio for their reorganizational meeting. Due to COVID-19, the club has not been able to meet for several months.

Gray opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and thanking them for attending. She then read excerpts from a letter that Mary Liz Richmond wrote, who was unable to attend the meeting. She sent the treasurer’s report, which stated that $165 to local food lockers, leaving a balance of $30.30.

The club carried four lessons over to next year. The 2021 lesson sheet was passed around and everyone checked the ones they were interested in. Gray will then pick the lessons with the most checks.

April Holmes brought the traveling basket and Kitty Loudermilk took it home with her.

The club has decided to skip the October meeting and still needs to find a place to meet for November and December.

Gray had the four members whose names have not been placed on the friendship quilt, put their names on a strip of material. Gray will then add them to the quilt.

Everyone paid their dues. It was a beautiful day and everyone enjoyed being outside. Social distancing was honored, a card was signed for Thelma Berkley, and Faye Honaker took home the door prize.

The club enjoyed Little Debbie cakes for the afternoon’s refreshments.

Members attending were: Mary Jirka, Lynn Humphreys, Faye Honaker, Jean Foley, Colleen Watton, Kitty Loudermilk, Barbara Shirley, April Holmes, Betty Jo McNeel and Patty Gray.

CUTLINE: The Progressive CEOs held their September meeting recently, attending were: Mary Jirka (left to right), Lynn Humphreys, Jean Foley, Colleen Watton, Kitty Loudermilk, Barbara Shirley, Faye Honaker and Betty Jo McNeel. Not pictured are Patty Gray and April Holmes.

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