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Greenbrier Valley Airport: “The Airport of the Virginias”



The Greenbrier Valley Airport has a new tagline: ‘Airport of the Virginias.’ As part of the airport’s rebranding campaign, the new logo and tagline were released at a media conference held on Friday, September 25.

The airport’s call sign, LWB, factors prominently into the new logo. Greenbrier Valley Airport officials felt this was a necessary addition to the logo, as the call sign is used when performing online searches for the airport.

“When you search for Greenbrier Airport, it wants you to put in LWB,” said Brian Belcher, director of the Greenbrier Valley Airport. “We wanted to expand on that.”

The phrase ‘Fly LWB’ is impossible to miss, as it takes up nearly the entire upper-half of the new logo. Buddy Butler, the designer behind the airport’s new logo, believed that the inclusion of green and blue was vital.

“Green and blue are very prominent colors around here, and a very big part of the landscape. So we felt that those colors were appropriate,” Butler said.

Also announced during Friday’s media conference was the passing of an addendum to the existing marketing contract.

“A total not to exceed an additional $8,000” has been added to the airport’s current advertising budget.

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